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NAIROBI, Jan 21 (Globe Live Media) – Africa’s coronavirus death rate stands at 2.5%, higher than the global level of 2.2%, a trend that alarms experts, the head of the coronavirus said on Thursday. disease control body of the continent.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Africa’s death rate had been below the world average, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Africa, John, told reporters. Nkengasong.

“The fatality rate begins to be very worrying for everyone,” he said.

The number of African nations with a death rate higher than the current world average is growing, he added. There are 21 countries on the continent with a rate above 3%, such as Egypt, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan.

Over the past week, cases decreased nearly 7% compared to the previous week, while deaths increased 10%, according to data from the CDC Africa. The continent had 3.3 million coronavirus infections and 81,000 deaths as of Thursday, he noted.

Africa reported 207,000 new cases last week, 100,000 of them from South Africa alone, Nkengasong said.

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