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Carolina Píparo and her brother Matías were summoned to testify this Tuesday

Buenos Aires deputy Carolina Píparo and her brother Matías were summoned to testify as witnesses in the case in which the legislator’s husband, Juan Ignacio Buzali, remains imprisoned for the attempted murder of two motorcyclists who were run over at dawn on New Year’s Eve believing them “motochorros”.

The request It was formulated by the La Plata prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo, who summoned Píparo (44) and his brother to testify as witnesses next Tuesday at 9 at the headquarters located on Calle 54 between 6 and 7 of the provincial capital.

The prosecutor, according to judicial sources informed TelamHe had set today for both to testify, but as the Criminal Appeals and Guarantees Chamber asked him for the file, he delayed the hearings for tomorrow, January 19. The legislator and municipal official and her brother Matías had been mentioned by Buzali in his investigative statement in which he asked that both be summoned to testify so that they can ratify their sayings.

It is noteworthy that Matías Píparo was in the house when the robbery happened and then he went to the police station to accompany his sister and brother-in-law after the fact.

“We want them to answer about what really happened”the lawyer told Télam Martín De Vargas, representative of the youths run over who argued that they want to “delve into the serious contradictions between the story of the legislator and her husband” with the facts that, as he said, they could “verify through testimonies, expert opinions and security cameras.”

For the assault on the deputy, who had a cell phone and a sum of money stolen, a 15-year-old teenager who had been arrested as a suspect was returned to his parents by justice last Monday, while another 16-year-old requested the release from prison and will remain free until the issue is resolved.

In addition, orAnother 14-year-old teenager arrested on Friday last week was also handed over to his family given that due to his age he is unimpeachable and a 22-year-old who is being investigated for the incident was brought to justice, but was not detained since there is a request for exemption from prison pending resolution.

At the same time, The investigations have identified two other suspects who would also be minors.

Carolina Píparo reported having been assaulted by “motochorros” the early morning of January 1 last on Calle 47, between 15 and 16, in the Buenos Aires capital, at a time when she was going with her husband to take her father-in-law home. According to the legislator, after that and when she was on her way with her husband to make the complaint aboard his black Fiat 500L with a white roof, they were again intercepted by those who believed they were the same “motochorros” who had assaulted them, for which eThey hit one of the motorcycles on 31st and 28th streets and then fled the scene.

The couple drove away without assisting the two young men, identified as Luis Lavalle (23) and a 17-year-old adolescent, who were manning the motorcycle and who were injured.

Last Friday, January 9 and at the request of the prosecutor Di Lorenzo, of the Functional Unit of Instruction 17 of La Plata, Buzali was arrested on charges of the “attempted double homicide” of these motorcyclists. In his investigatory statement, he stated that “What happened was a misfortune and an accident”, what “Never” wanted to “hurt anyone”, and that at the time of the fact he was “nervous, overwhelmed and fearful” but “not angry” or drunk.

For the prosecutor Di Lorenzo, Buzali drove at “full speed” and rammed the victims “squarely”, and that “no dodging maneuver” was noticed. Guarantee Judge Marcela Garmendia, for her part, rejected last Tuesday two requests for release filed by Buzali’s lawyers Considering that there are procedural risks if the accused regains his freedom, and against this, defense attorneys Fernando Burlando and Fabián Améndola appealed the magistrate’s ruling before the fair room of the La Plata Chamber of Appeals and Guarantees.

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