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12/01/2020 The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, offers statements to the media, during the Inauguration of the Isabel Zendal Hospital, a new resource of Madrid’s public health, in Madrid (Spain), on 1 December 2020. In the image, a copy of Javier Moro’s book ‘A flor de piel’, a work focused on the figure of nurse Isabel Zendal, which gives its name to the hospital that is inaugurated today. From the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, they assure that the new Hospital will begin to receive Covid patients “shortly” from other hospitals in pavilion number 2, which will have 240 hospital beds and 48 ICU posts.

At the same time that this pavilion opens, the four multidisciplinary units that the center will have will be established: conventional hospitalization, intermediate care, intensive care and support and central services that include radiodiagnosis, laboratory, occupational risk prevention, clinical psychology, pharmacy, patient care, general services, social work, physiotherapy, as well as any other that is deemed necessary once this new healthcare provision has begun. EUROPE PRESS POLICY / J. Hellín. POOL – Europa Press
The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has demanded this Monday the central government to suspend flights with South Africa and Brazil “until the situation of their strains” of coronavirus is clarified.

In statements to the media, from the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital, the regional leader has indicated that the Government “acted late when it decided to close flights with the United Kingdom, when it was known that this strain was very dangerous, and right now it is explosive throughout Spain “.

“Now we are getting data on South Africa and on Brazil, other countries that have even more aggressive strains than those of the United Kingdom. Therefore, we are going to ask the Government of Spain to consider canceling flights with these countries until the situation of their strains, “he said. As he has remarked, the objective is “to prevent another virus from entering the Madrid Barajas again and starting again.”

Ayuso has stressed that they are facing “the usual problem”, that of not acting “forcefully” at the airport and not being fast and diligent so that those flights with the capital do not enter without “any control”. “A country that does not protect its borders does not protect its citizens,” he has settled.

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