The end of ‘Spanish’ Dinamo

The end of ‘Spanish’ Dinamo

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Juan Cámara announced his departure from Dinamo Bucharest. The Jagiense midfielder, who played in Romania on loan from Jagiellonia, left the Romanian club after five months of defaults. “They have been difficult months. Months in which we have tried to bring out the best of us and in which I have met incredible players and workers. Thank you, fans,” the Spaniard wrote on his official Instagram account. His departure meant the end of ‘Spanish Dinamo’, a club that at the beginning of the season had six Spanish footballers. All ended their stage as ‘red dogs’ unilaterally, after not seeing fulfilled any of the promises with which the property, commanded by the Granada-born Pablo Cortacero, took them to Romania.

“They have not kept any of the promises for which they brought us here and it has all been a time of lies”

Isma Lopez

The first to leave were Borja Valle, Isma López and René Romanian, who were accompanied by the coach, Cosmin Contra, and the physical trainer Javier Reyes. Dinamo Bucharest he promised to be one of the great entertainers of the season in Romania, but everything turned out to be “smoke”, as Isma López said in the statement with which he announced his dismissal. “They have not fulfilled any of the promises for which they brought us here and it has all been a time of lies.

They have shown that they do not care about us, that we are merchandise for them. Not only us, but also our families. Some left behind places in the they had been happy for a long time. They sold us an ambitious project, but as the days went by we have realized that everything was false “, revealed the Navarrese side. After them the rest of the Spanish coaching staff left the ship: Javier Ávila (physiotherapist), Leo Sources (goalkeeper coach) and Luis Prieto (readapter). Professionals who left, in some cases, after receiving threats from the fans despite giving up all of their salaries.

In January the casualties continued: first they left Aleix Garcia and Thomas Mejías, who only made public their gratitude to a hobby, Dinamo Bucharest, who came to raise money to defray some of the club’s expenses. And finally, Juan Cámara, who belongs to Jagiellonia but, in principle, will sign for another team in the near future. In total, six Spanish footballers who, as they arrived, left. Players who, despite being forced to resort to savings to survive, managed to link five games without losing and beat FC Viitorul (3-0) in the round of 32 of the Romanian Cup.

Isma López, Aleix García, René Román and Juan Cámara continue without a team, while Borja Valle and Tomás Mejías signed for Oviedo and Ankaraspor respectively. Others, like the CEO Álex Couto, the sports director Rufo Collado, or the technical secretary Germán Sorzano, continue in a club run by Pablo Cortacero that seems destined to die drowned by debt.

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