The president of the United States, Joe Biden, welcomed the decision of the United Nations General Assembly to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council , and defined it as a “significant step” by the international community that ratifies that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin , has turned his country into a “pariah”.

In a statement released by the White House, Biden acknowledged that Washington worked “in close collaboration” with its international allies to carry out this vote against Russia, in response to the ” serious and systemic violations of Human Rights ” that are taking place. carried out in Ukraine in the framework of the war.

“After today’s historic vote, Russia will not be able to participate in the Council’s work or spread its disinformation there while the Council’s Commission of Inquiry investigates Russian human rights violations and abuses in Ukraine,” Biden said.

At this point, the tenant of the White House reiterated his complaint about the images of dead civilians in various parts of the Ukrainian geography, especially in the city of Bucha, on the outskirts of the capital, Kiev.

“The signs of people raped, tortured, executed, in some cases with their bodies desecrated, are an outrage to our common humanity. Russia’s lies cannot compete with the undeniable evidence of what is happening in Ukraine,” the president stressed.

Finally, Biden stressed that the United States will continue to collaborate with its partners and allies to gather the necessary information and evidence to demonstrate Russia’s responsibility for these atrocities. He also pointed to increased pressure on the Russian economy and Moscow’s isolation on the international stage.

The UN General Assembly voted this Thursday in favor of suspending Russia as a member of the Human Rights Council, a proposal that was endorsed with 93 votes in favor and 24 against , while 58 member states have abstained and several more directly They have not spoken, among them, Mexico.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dimitro Kuleba, welcomed the approval of the text, claiming that “war criminals have no place in UN bodies designed to protect human rights.” In this sense, he thanked the countries that have “chosen the right side of history.”

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the resolution “an illegitimate and politically motivated step” whose objective is to “punish” a UN member state for its “independent policies”.

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