The summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin ended on Wednesday after more than four hours of meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

The summit was a large bilateral meeting between the teams of Russia and the United States, the first part of which took just over 90 minutes and the second session, one hour, in addition to a 45-minute break.

President Vladimir Putin held a press conference in which he said that the Ukraine issue was one of the points to be discussed with President Biden.

As for Ukraine’s accession to NATO, “I don’t think there is anything to discuss there,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Biden and his team were meeting and keeping a close eye on Putin’s press conference to see how he framed the meeting and if there is anything specific that Biden should counter when he has his own press conference, a La Casa official said. White.

That was one of the reasons Team Biden wanted to be second at the press conference.

Summit progress: Cybersecurity and diplomacy

After the summit, Putin said that the United States and Russia will begin consultations on cybersecurity, as “both parties have to assume certain obligations there”.

“We believe that cyberspace is extraordinarily important. In general, and in particular for the United States, and to the same extent for Russia,” Putin said in response to a question from Citizen Free Press’s Matthew Chance.

Although Putin admitted that the United States was the victim of the highest number of cyber attacks, he assured that Russia was also a victim.

“We come across this every year. For example, one of the health systems in a very important part of Russia was attacked. So it means that this work is being coordinated,” Putin said.

“In the United States, I don’t think the government is particularly interested in organizing that or investigating it. All they do is make innuendo. What we need are expert consultations with each other. We agreed that, in principle, Russia is ready for that,” Putin added.

Meanwhile, Putin said that the US and Russian ambassadors will return to their diplomatic posts and assume their duties.

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