During his visit to California from his three-state tour, the president reclaimed the argument that Republicans give about inflation and that it would get worse if they win a majority in Congress.

President Joe Biden is on a three-state tour of the country, during his visit to California he said inflation will worsen if Republicans win control of Congress in next month’s midterm elections.

Biden argued in his speech that Democrats are standing up for workers, as well as sharing bipartisan investments in infrastructure laws in the state of California to support his party.

In his speech in Los Angeles, he also touched on the issue of the midterm elections to be held on November 8 and invited the population to vote.

“If the Republicans win, inflation will get worse. It’s that simple,” Biden shared.

The president asserted that the Democrats are working to reduce costs, despite the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that inflation was positioned at 0.4% in September and at 8.2% in the year.

“We have an election in the month, the voters have to decide. Democrats are working to lower the cost of the things they talk about at the kitchen table, from prescription drugs to health insurance to energy bills and much more,” he promised in front of the crowd.

The same day before leaving for his tour, the president sent a statement related to the inflation rates.

“Today’s report shows some progress in fighting higher prices, even as we have more work to do. But even with this progress, prices are still too high.”

On the other hand, Republicans have blamed Joe Biden’s leadership on the nation’s inflation woes, making the economy and rising prices a central part of their midterm campaign speech.

During his rally in Los Angeles, Biden argued that Republicans believe inflation is rising because too many Americans are working.

“I just couldn’t disagree more with my Republican friends who say that the biggest problem in our economy right now is that workers are making too much money,” he said.

Then he continued: “I think that’s a lot, as we Irish say, a lot of nonsense,” he said with a bit of humor. And he focused on explaining that the biggest problems that lead to high inflation are global inflation, the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine.

Present at the event were Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Rep. Karen Bass, Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu, and Sen. Alex Padilla.

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