Biden asks the Supreme Court to endorse deportation policy

Biden Asks the Supreme Court to Endorse Deportation Policy

The administration of President Joe Biden asked the Supreme Court on Friday to allow it to implement guidelines that prioritize the deportation of people in the United States illegally who pose the greatest risk to public safety. The emergency request to the court follows conflicting federal appeals court decisions in recent days around a directive issued in September by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that paused deportations to unless the individuals have committed acts of terrorism, espionage, or “egregious threats to public safety.”

The federal appeals court in Cincinnati reversed a district judge’s order suspending that policy in a lawsuit brought by Arizona, Ohio and Montana. But in a separate lawsuit brought by Texas and Louisiana, a federal judge in Texas ordered a nationwide stay of the guideline, and a federal appeals panel in New Orleans declined to intervene. The administration went to the Supreme Court in the latest case, asking it to authorize the policy to be implemented nationwide, or at least in every state except Texas and Louisiana.

The judge’s order “is undermining DHS’s plans to focus its limited resources on non-citizens who pose the gravest threat to our nation’s national security, public safety, and the integrity of our nation’s borders,” Attorney General Elizabeth wrote. Introduce in the document presented before the Supreme Court.

The directive, issued after Biden became president, updated a President Donald Trump-era policy that expelled people who were in the United States illegally without regard to their criminal record or community ties.

Despite disagreeing on many aspects of the immigration issue, the two governments were of the same opinion on one aspect, urging the highest court to limit the power of “judges from a single district to dictate policies applicable at the national level.” national”.

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