Bertin Osborne and Fabiola break their Romantic Relationship

Bertin Osborne and Fabiola break their Romantic Relationship

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01/14/2019 Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez would not have started the year as they would like and once again the health of their son Kike has become a matter of concern for the couple EUROPE SPAIN SOCIEDAD FABIOLA MARTÍNEZ Y BERTÍN OSBORNE / EUROPAPRESS
Sad news that has left us most shocked because we did not expect that, when in Viva la vida they announced that a couple had separated, it would be them. They are Bertín Osborne and Fabiola, one of the most established couples in the heart press. And it is that we have been very saddened to learn that the presenter and his wife have decided to end their love.

It was on June 11 when the couple celebrated 14 years of marriage, 14 years of inseparable love and demonstrating to everyone the strong union they have had in the face of the various circumstances that fate has presented them with. And it is that both have had two children in common who have grown up in one of the homes with more love and more privileges, Carlos and Kike, who have been the reason for their joy since they came to the world.

The truth is that we were very shocked when we heard the news, since as we say, it was one of the most consolidated marriages in the pink chronicle. And although Bertín Osborne has always known many friends, since he said ‘Yes, I want’ with Fabiola, he has been with her at all times.

Winter comes even if you don’t want to, the Jury already sang it, and it seems that Bertín Osborne and Fabiola’s love broke, who have not been able to overcome the last sentimental crisis that the marriage has experienced. Of course, both have handled it with great discretion and have never spoken publicly about how their relationship was, that is why this news has surprised us so much that it has left us shocked.


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