Armie Hammer: The Explosive Material of the Drugged Actor and with a Woman in Bed

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Armie Hammer

In the controversial video that was leaked online, Armie Hammer He gives a tour of his hotel room in the Cayman Islands and there is a woman in her underwear waiting for him in bed. The recording of the actor joins other explosive material that was leaked in recent days about him where he speaks of sadomasochism and cannibalism. Two ex-girlfriends also confirmed the dark behavior of the interpreter.

The 34-year-old famous Hollywood actor boasts to his inner circle of a lingerie-clad woman waiting patiently on his bed, as he stared straight ahead, in a recording obtained by the British tabloid. Daily Mail.

The protagonist of “Call me by your name” also posted on his secret Instagram account, followed by his close friends, a fragment of himself doing drugs with a vaporizer, writing: “When you realize they don’t test for DMT in drug tests”. And he shared a screenshot of what appears to be a court order stating that he must take a drug test before seeing the two children he had with his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, 38, from whom he separated last July after 10 years of marriage.

Hammer documented taking her drug test at her home, writing: “All negative, bitches. My body is a finely tuned toxic processing unit. To be fair, I had THC and benzos in my urine. But who doesn’t? “He added,” Divorce is a lot of fun. It’s not as fun as drugs. “

The Daily Mail newspaper published videos and photos of an alleged secret account that Armie Hammer has (Instagram)
The Daily Mail newspaper published videos and photos of an alleged secret account that Armie Hammer has (Instagram)
The Daily Mail newspaper published videos and photos of an alleged secret account that Armie Hammer has (Instagram)
The Daily Mail newspaper published videos and photos of an alleged secret account that Armie Hammer has (Instagram)

“Well… my ex-wife (for very good reason) refuses to go back to America with my children. So I have to go back to Cayman … which sucks. Except there are some positives. As c … to Miss Cayman again while I’m there ”, the actor shared, according to the aforementioned newspaper, from a profile that he has under another name on Instagram.

“He always liked to drink, do drugs, but never like this“Said a source close to the family to the aforementioned media. The “Rebecca” actor and his ex-wife are the parents of two children: Harper, 5, and Ford, 3.

Earlier this week, Hammer’s ex-girlfriend, Courtney Vucekovich, told the Daily Mail that Hammer liked “master-slave fetishes” and that she expressed that she wanted to “Break and eat your ribs”. He also said he manipulated her into playing with his twisted fetishes and that he often fantasized about cannibalism.

“He is a very charming and intense human being. But once you start talking to him, he’s pretty aggressive from the start. Not violent, but sexually aggressive in the way he talks, ” Vucekovich said. And continued: “It’s magnetic, but that has helped him get away with it. You have a charming personality. He is very loving, he makes you feel very safe and on top of the world. Then, little by little, it gets darker ”.

“He is a great narcissist. Send audio messages with quite graphic material. I swear it’s because he likes the sound of his own voice. He’s obsessed with himself, but he also hates himself at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it, ”said the 30-year-old woman, who refused to go into graphic details about Hammer’s behavior during their relationship.

“They were brilliantly grooming and manipulating me to do things that frankly scared me. He is good at what he does and knows exactly what to say to get what he wants. He is a very dark and twisted person, ”he added.

Armie Hammer y Courtney Vucekovich (Instagram)
Armie Hammer y Courtney Vucekovich (Instagram)

Writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who was seen with Hammer in early September right after the news of his separation from his wife after 10 years of marriage, made a strong statement on her Twitter account. “If you’re still wondering if those Armie Hammer DMs are real or not (and they are), maybe you should start wondering why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt rather than victims of sexual violence. “, before attaching in his tweet the screenshot of the messages that the actor supposedly sent to different women.

Meanwhile, the Miss Cayman Islands organization has issued a statement in which it makes it clear that the woman who appears in the video of Hammer’s alleged private Instagram account is not actually a winner of her competition.

“The Committee and the reigning Miss Cayman take this matter very seriously and the matter has been reported to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS). Miss Cayman’s role is, in part, to serve as a role model for the young women of the Cayman Islands. The representation of women in the video goes against everything our organization stands for, and consequently the Committee requests that Mr. Hammer immediately remove all references to Ms. Cayman from his social media channels.

Disturbing chats

Actor Armie Hammer (EFE)
Actor Armie Hammer (EFE)

The actor made headlines last weekend when alleged private messages from the actor appeared anonymously on the networks in which he detailed some of his sexual fantasies, which in some cases were very disturbing. “I need to drink your blood “ O “I am one hundred percent a cannibal “ are some of those messages that Hammer supposedly wrote to a woman via Instagram.

The name of the interpreter was a global trend for days and, several days later, it still remains so today as more compromising material continues to appear.

It was through Twitter that a user who is supposed to have a relationship with Hammer, shared the disturbing material, which is not yet verified. This contained captures of the talks of a sexual nature in which the actor speaks several times of rape, masochism and violence: “I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you”.

The messages span from 2016 to last year, when the interpreter was still married. Among the disturbing and unsettling confessions, Hammer allegedly says that he has never “admitted such a thing before” and insists on wanting to “drink the blood” of the woman he talks to, and fantasizes about strangling her.

“I’m thinking of having your heart in my hands and controlling when it beats. I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you. He hadn’t admitted it before. I cut the heart out of a living animal and ate it while it was still warm”, Says the actor in some messages broadcast to the person who exposed him on the networks. To prove the authenticity of the material, the woman also shared private photos that Hammer allegedly sent her, where she appears clutching her neck.


The controversy over Hammer continued when he announced that he would finally not be in “Shotgun Wedding,” the comedy in which he would share the leading role with Jennifer Lopez. After Hammer’s departure from this production, those responsible for the film will look for a new interpreter to continue the project.

“I am not responding to these shitty lies, but in light of the vicious and spurious internet attacks against me I cannot leave my children for four months to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic”The actor defended himself in a statement to Variety magazine to try to close a controversy that is still very much alive on the networks.


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