Joe Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Justin Trudeau in an official photo at the National Palace in Mexico City.

AMLO receives Trudeau and Biden at the National Palace to start work on the North American Leaders Summit

Joe Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Justin Trudeau meet at the National Palace to discuss migration, climate change, competitiveness and the economy

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, received his counterparts from the United States and Canada, Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau respectively, at the National Palace to begin the work of the X Summit of North American Leaders.

It was after 11:30 in the morning (central Mexico time) that the Mexican president, accompanied by his wife Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, initially received Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie grégoire.

Minutes later, a strong security device gave way to the entourage of Joe Biden and his wife Jill who, aboard the armored vehicle known as ‘La Bestia’, toured the main streets and avenues of Mexico City to reach the Mariana gate. from the National Palace where Trudeau and López Obrador were already waiting for them with their respective wives.

Upon arrival at the Central Patio, adorned with the flags of Mexico, the United States and Canada, the presidents and their wives arranged to take their respective official photos that marked the start of the trilateral meeting.

Within the agenda for this Tuesday, it is expected that the leaders and their respective work teams will talk for more than three hours and then give a message to the media in the afternoon.

The topics they will address are: diversity, equity and inclusion; climate change and environment; competitiveness in the region and migration and development, among others.

At the end of the meetings and message to the media, President Joe Biden and his wife Jill are expected to go to the International Airport of Mexico City to make their return trip to the United States, while the Prime Minister of Canada and his wife will remain in Mexico to continue their activities, among which the bilateral meeting with López Obrador on Wednesday, January 10, stands out.

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