Recently the famous Hollywood actress Amber Heard has shocked her followers, as she has been caught in a discount store, this after it was said that she was bankrupt.

That’s right, actress Amber Heard was caught shopping at a outlet store and it is that in recent days her lawyers pointed out that she does not have to pay the lawsuit.

There is no doubt that losing the trial against Johnny Depp has been a strong emotional blow for the actress Amber Heard, however, she has also been affected in the economic field by the fact that she must comply with paying 15 million dollars to the actor.

Much has been speculated that Heard does not have the resources to pay Johnny Depp, but nothing more is known about it.

It should be noted that the last thing known about Amber Heard is that the actress was caught shopping with her sister, however, instead of being in a luxurious boutique like the ones she used to visit, this time she was seen in a store of sales in New York.

According to published information, Heard was for several minutes in a TJ Maxx, a place known for its low prices, searching among clothing coat racks.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Also, at one point, she argued with her sister about the price of some white linen pants.

However, both Amber and Whitney had a full shopping cart; however, at the time of being captured by the paparazzi they fled the place.

As it became known, it is unknown if in the end Amber and her sister bought any of the clothes they had already chosen, what is a fact is that this could be proof that the Hollywood star is not having a good time.

As you may remember, Heard’s lawyers have recently declared that it is impossible for her to pay the millionaire amount to her ex-husband, they would even be seeking to appeal the judge’s decision.

Meanwhile, the legal team of the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has indicated that they could forgive the debt to the actress, since the only wish of their client was to clean his image of the accusations of violence that were made against him.

On the other hand, in an interview, actress Amber Heard mentioned that she still loves Johnny Depp despite everything that happened in the relationship.

After weeks, on June 1, the final verdict of the trial was announced, which was won by the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” for what was the end of a cycle.

And during an interview with journalist Savannah Guthrie of NBC News, the actress expressed everything she felt and mentioned that despite the stormy relationship she had, she still has strong feelings for Depp.

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