Last Wednesday, June 1, came the end of one of the most media trials remembered in recent years. After more than a month of development of the process, Amber Heard found guilty of defaming Johnny Depp, who was also convicted of the same offence.

According to the ruling, the actress must pay her ex-partner ten million dollars in compensation and another five for punitive damages while the amount was reduced in the case of the protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ to only two million.

Shortly after the verdic, tthe lawyer of Amber Heard, Elaine Bredehoft, made it clear that her client could not assume such an outlay: “No, absolutely not.” The truth is that, although the accounts of the actress may be enviable for any ordinary citizen, her heritage falls far short if she is compared to Depp’s.

Some American media estimate her fortune between two and eight million dollars, a figure that barely exceeds only half of what she must pay her ex-partner, by order of the judge.

As for her properties, Amber Heard has a Range Rover that was assigned to her after the distribution of assets during her divorce from Depp, and a house located in Yucca Valley, California, whose value reaches half a million dollars.

This house has become her refuge after suffering the blow of the sentence, since it is far from any civilization, in the middle of the desert.

Faced with the inability to accept her sentence, Amber Heard’s legal team has already announced that she will appeal the sentence.

“She has excellent reasons for it. We had even tried to get the UK ruling because she had already had the chance of it – and that’s one of the issues, but also several of the evidentiary issues. There was a lot of evidence that did not arrive,” explained the lawyer.

Talking about Depp, needless to say, the actor has an immense economic heritage, the result of his successful career in the seventh art. Though at one point his fortune was estimated at $600 million, there are those who say that his poor management in recent years and the bad life he led for a while led him to lose almost half of his wealth.

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