At least one person has died and several have been injured in the partial collapse of a twelve-story apartment building in the city of Miami, in the state of Florida (United States), according to the CBS television network.

According to CBS4-Miami, a CBS affiliate chain, fire crews are trying to rescue some neighbors who have been trapped on the balconies of the residential building called Champlain Towers, located in the Surf Side area, near Miami Beach.

Some eighty units between rescue services vehicles and firefighters are also looking for possible victims among the rubble of the building sector that collapsed for unknown reasons.

Local networks have shown images of how firefighters pulled a minor, apparently unscathed, from the rubble. The authorities have not yet confirmed the existence of victims.

However, some witnesses heard fire crews say that several are trapped in the ruins of the building.

The event occurred between 88th and Collins Avenue and near Miami Beach and, at the moment, the causes are unknown.

Vehicles from the municipality’s fire and rescue services have headed into the area and diverted traffic, according to sources.

The building consists of a hundred apartments and the collapse occurred at dawn.

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