Although there are more and more options to search for a job, these are the five most popular platforms to be able to get a new job in the United States. In Globe Live Media we tell you

Now that technology is part of everyday life, thinking about looking for a job is also lived from a different point of view, where the internet plays a very fundamental role. Taking this into consideration, according to Zippia, 80% of all current jobs are found online.

Their research also details that 79% of people looking for work do so through social networks, at the same time that organizations have now profiled themselves to also publish their vacancies on social networks, with 84%. In comparison, the applications that reach employers, 50% of them, come through a job bank.

So where is the best place to look for a job? The five most popular sites to find a job in the United States are the following:

1.- Indeed

It is a job bank that allows you to do job searches for free. You can search by zip code and even by city.

It allows you to save the jobs that interest you most, activate alerts with the keywords you are applying for and use the site from any device. What is not so good is that you can find jobs that have been published for more than 30 days, and the main disadvantage is that because it is one of the most popular, there are a significant number of candidates competing for vacancies.

It has more than 250 million users worldwide.

2.- LinkedIn

It is the number one social network to establish working relationships. So if you are interested in moving jobs, you must be on LinkedIn yes or yes. In fact, it is not only useful for you as a candidate to create your profile, where you establish your skills and your resume, it is also useful for companies, which publish their vacancies.

There are two ways to access LinkedIn, with a free account or premium access. One of its main advantages is that you can connect directly with recruiters. However, the main disadvantage is that its best tools are only available with the premium subscription. Also, it lends itself a lot to scams.

The platform has more than 850 million users worldwide.

3.- Flex Jobs

You can filter by the type of job you are looking for. Within its offer you will find full-time, part-time jobs, remotely, in a hybrid and face-to-face format. They hold business events and webinars.

Its main disadvantage is that to access its best features, you have to pay the cost of its membership.

4.- Getwork

One of its main advantages is that it does not take away old jobs, that is, when you do your search, it filters the most current ones. There is no need to pay for a membership or subscription to access its best tools, and it does not ask you to create a profile on its platform to search for a job.

Its disadvantage, according to experts, is that its filtered search is not the best.

5. Monster

It offers you an advantage that other job seekers do not have: examine your resume for free. It also allows you to search for a job and apply for some vacancies without the need to create an account within its platform. The main disadvantage is that, being very popular, there are many candidates competing with each other for a vacancy.

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