There are excellent examples of Internet Marketing of great companies, in this article we are going to show you the most important ones.

These strategies have a great impact in a deeply digitalized society. There are more than four billion Internet users worldwide. Customers often search for products on a daily basis using popular search engines, sharing content from their favorite brands on networks and through personalized information delivered to them by mail or advertisements.

Today, digital marketing has become the mainstay of organizations. This new way of understanding the market has managed to change the philosophy of organizations and their own customer. Previously, companies focused all their resources on improving their products and services, focusing on sales figures. Today, brands face a very competitive market and an unfaithful customer. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to create emotional ties and bonds with them.

Graphic design companies work hand in hand with the marketing department to create and design strategies adapted to the tastes and preferences of the target audience. The role of graphic design companies is fundamental to position the brand and create memories.

In today’s post we are going to talk about Internet marketing and the importance of graphic design companies in the current scenario.

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is a marketing-mix tool in charge of promoting a company’s services in the digital environment. The objective of Internet marketing is to obtain benefits from the investments made in the media. The objective is to obtain more income from the advertising campaign than it cost to set it up.

The use of networks is massive in terms of traffic and intensive in terms of usage. This gives a tremendous boost to Internet advertising. The opportunities offered by advertising actions are enormous, but proper management to ensure success is not easy.

  • Internet marketing is much cheaper than traditional advertising. Among the different advertising media that exist today, ads on the web are one of the cheapest.
  • It is measurable, measurement in traditional media is complicated and inaccurate, internet measurement of clicks, conversion, share, is measurable in detail and easily manageable thanks to data management software.
  • It is possible to run online campaigns completely free of charge. By opening a corporate account on social networks, you can promote your products at no cost.

Some examples of types of Internet Marketing are:

1. Paid Search Advertising.

This is a good example of internet marketing for people searching for information on search engines, they enter the first result they find useful.

My page already appears in Google results, why should I pay? In fact the first place in the list of Google results takes almost 60% of the clicks, the second 15% and if we go to the first result of the second page only takes 0.1%. The paradox is that all customers use search engines, but only the two results get the most clicks.

Advertising on search platforms takes the targeting capabilities available on social media platforms, such as demographics and location, and combines them with the addition of keywords.

  • SEO, or search engine optimization is a set of techniques that makes the search engine consider your site relevant for certain searches. It depends on how the page is built, the content of the page, and the traffic. It is free, but requires time.
  • SEM or Search Engine Marketing pays, pays the search engine to appear in the first results for a specific keyword. Some keywords are more expensive than others, so the challenge in this type of positioning is to bet on the right words.

Each ad group created within your campaign will target a small set of keywords and Google will display your ad based on those selections. Therefore, it is crucial to research these words, the audience that uses them, the traffic they get, etc.

2. Blogging

The very nature of blogs makes them ideal for marketing, as they provide fresh content to engage people and offer a form of interaction between consumers and businesses.

Because of their nature, these spaces are dominated by storytelling and close relationships.

The content must always provide an experience, story or reflection. Even so, branded content is an excellent way to make your brand known and generate qualified traffic.

3. Email marketing

This is a marketing approach based on email communication. This Example of Internet Marketing is one of the oldest in the field of digital communication and the most adaptable.

People are very suspicious of the efficiency of email marketing, but the truth is that it is a very useful internet marketing tool. It is not about sending annoying e-mails that will end up in the Spam folder, but advertisements and promotions that are relevant to the consumer.

Personalization of messages is a very good strategy. A sports store should not send climbing articles to a customer who is only interested in soccer.

4. Sponsored links

An example of Internet marketing that you probably come across every day, probably without even realizing it, is sponsored links. Very similar to paid search results, but in this case it is a section on the right hand side, and is not integrated in the search results list.

They can be targeted to specific characteristics of the target audience, or keywords and run for as long as you want.

5. Mobile advertising

Considering that we spend more time connected to smartphones than to any computer, mobile advertising is specifically designed to be viewed on smartphones.

This type of advertising appears on smartphones and tablets. Businesses can advertise with SMS after the user signs up or with graphical ads in the browser optimized for mobile devices. If you have a shoe store, mobile ads are especially good for advertising to local audiences with urgent offers. Their open rate is extremely high: up to 98%.

6. Banners

The pop-up window opens while browsing a website, and while it is one of the most annoying types of advertising on the Internet, it can be effective in some cases.

There is virtue in moderation, in this case the key is to be unobtrusive and helpful. The banners must offer information that the user considers important, and must not be invasive. Otherwise, there is a risk that the web user will develop adversity towards the organization.

Offering a discount coupon when he/she is thinking of leaving the page (yes, you can do this by analyzing the trail he/she leaves within the site) is a good example of this practice.

7. Social networking

Nowadays, consumers spend a lot of time on social networks. In a digital world, this is the place where people conduct their social life, hence the importance of being present on these platforms.

The vast majority of platforms offer ad managers. It is a complex field, since each platform has a certain type of majority audience, a certain type of content that works, and its own communication codes.

The correct use of these media to reach their full potential, requires a marketing agency expert in the world of online marketing. Presence and forming ties with a community are actions that anyone can perform and that are very beneficial for any type of business.


Internet marketing, or digital marketing, is expected to reach $ 398,762 million in advertising spending in the digital market in 2022. The advance of digital advertising revenue is inversely proportional to the revenue of traditional media.

It is important to invest in Internet marketing channels. On average, digitally prepared companies anticipate four times better revenues compared to less prepared ones.

This is an example of the importance of investment in Internet Marketing, as the profitability or traffic it generates, can be seen reflected in some of Statista’s data.

It is not enough to be present in the digital world, companies need to invest in advertising. Paid search advertising allows advertisers to capture the attention of their audience in a more targeted way than organic search alone.

Graphic design firms and their role in Internet marketing.

Surely, more than once you’ve heard of graphic design firms. These organizations play a key role in the implementation and development of digital marketing strategies. Below we explain what graphic design companies are and what their main activities are.

Graphic design companies are those organizations focused on the design of components and elements that give life to the image and identity of a business. The specialists who work in these companies know how to convey a message in the most efficient and effective way. Graphic design is one of the complementary disciplines to digital marketing. Graphic design complements website development, social media strategies and other digital marketing services.

Functions of graphic design companies

Graphic design companies offer their customers a set of essential services and activities Do you want to know what they are?

  • Meeting with clients for advice.
  • Creating web pages.
  • Create illustrations and logos that build the image and personality of the brand.
  • Study of the target audience.
  • Choosing colors, typography and layouts.
  • Reviewing advertising pieces and making modifications adapted to the client’s requests.
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