The question of many students or even professionals is how to write an essay. In fact, writing it is not as simple as it seems, the task can be made easier by following a few simple steps to write an essay. Here are some of the steps to make an essay that you must follow to make them easier for you.

Literature also not only focuses on imaginary events, but also on real ones that encompass ideas, thoughts and studies, which is why it is important to know what is the proper way and follow the steps to write an essay. That is to say, with the steps to do an essay you will have the tools you need to deliver a tall article.


To know how to write an essay, the first step is to have the topic or choose one. The ideal is to have at hand some relevant or current topic. It is essential to know what will be addressed or what will be the main objective of it.

An example could be climate change, but by itself it is a very broad subject, in this sense it is best to specify it a little more. In this case it could be “How does climate change affect the population of Murcia?”

By centering the topic it is much easier to develop it, without a doubt.


After narrowing down the topic, it will be easier to know how to write an essay. The next step is research. Put together a work plan and investigate everything related to climate change and how it has affected the region.

You can start by researching the concept of climate change, studies or essays that talk about the subject. Read enough so that you are able to form your own criteria.


Among the steps to prepare an essay is to analyze, after an arduous investigation, the analysis will be the only one capable of guiding the writing.

Read carefully, ask the necessary questions. Remember to corroborate the information and verify that they are reliable sources. Essays have the peculiarity of presenting an opinion, but it must be supported.


Following the steps of how to prepare an essay is to synthesize. In this sense, what does this mean? Organize the points that you are going to develop in the text and this will give you the signals of how to start an essay.

In a list, write what are the topics you want to develop. An example below.

  • Briefly explain what climate change is
  • Climate change in Spain
  • Climate change in Murcia and the background
  • How does it affect the region?
  • What to do to stop climate change from the community


After knowing the direction of your essay, of course you are complying with the steps of how to write an essay, in this way, start with the writing.

The wisest advice is to start with data, enter some interesting data and cite the source, after that you can give free rein to your ideas.

Avoid long or elaborate phrases, also forget about euphemisms. In rehearsals, clarity is key for the message to be able to reach the receiver.

Read the text

After writing a couple of paragraphs, read it out loud and analyze if everything that is written has coherence. Remember to avoid excesses of adjectives, use appropriate connectors and, as far as possible, words that are understandable for all types of audiences.

The main idea of ​​the essay is to present an opinion with support, it is not about capturing arguments in the air.

Review punctuation marks

After verifying the steps to carry out an essay and read what you have written. Check clearly if all the punctuation marks are correct. In addition, to check that the paragraphs have the appropriate length.

It is recommended that they do not exceed seven lines, since it becomes very heavy to read later. Keep in mind that it is written by the readers and for a specific audience.

After all these steps of an essay, another piece of advice is to follow your gut and believe in your ideals. Take the time that is necessary so that all the knowledge flows and is reflected in the text.

Through these 7 steps to write an essay it will be much easier to carry them out, it is essential to follow the steps to write an essay to achieve a clean and easy to read work.

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