The price of gasoline they are unstoppable affecting all 50 US states, being the first time that it exceeds four dollars, that is, 80 Mexican pesos, the gallon (3.7 liters). Costing in a nutshell 21.6 Mexican pesos per liter.

According to the newspaper “The Independent”, which cited the American Automobile Association (AAA) as a source, Kansas, Oklahoma and Georgia joined the states where prices topped $4 on Monday.

Situation turns critical in California

However, media such as the Los Angeles Times point out that today in California the most critical situation is recorded, where they point to the average cost per gallon in Los Angeles is located at 6.08 dollars (121.90 Mexican pesos); that is, almost 33 pesos per liter. In other states, the price per gallon amounts to five dollars (100.24 Mexican pesos).

The war in Ukraine, which has pushed up food and energy prices, while prompting the international market to cut ties with Russian oil supplies, as well as the problems dragging down the global supply chain due to the COVID pandemic are causing inflation, something that has Americans worried.

In an attempt to cut costs, President Joe Biden recently announced that it would release oil reserves, but at least in the short term, this is not having an effect. In a statement, Andrew Gross, a spokesman for AAA, noted that the high cost of oil “is driving these high gasoline prices for consumers.”

Not even the dip that usually occurs between spring break and Memorial Day (May 30) “is having an effect this year,” he lamented. There is also fear of a diesel shortage, which is impacting volatility in the oil market.

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