The Tokyo Stock Exchange fell 3.15% in today’s mid-session, due to fears of an increase in the price of oil after recent talks between the United States and the European Union regarding the ban import of Russian crude.

At the break in trading, the Nikkei, the main indicator on the Tokyo floor, fell 3.15% or 819.24 points, to 25,166.23 integers; while the Topix, which groups the firms with the highest price, fell 2.89% or 53.38 points, to 1,791.56 units.

The Tokyo stock market opened today losing more than 600 points and fell more than 3.6% shortly before the mid-session break, as a result of recent talks between the US and the European Union regarding a possible ban on the import of Russian crude oil in retaliation for its invasion of Ukraine.

“We will take measures in coordination with the international community to maintain a stable supply of energy in the midst of the current situation of sanctions against Russia,” the spokesman for the Japanese Executive, Hirokazu Matsuno, said today at a press conference in relation to the rise in prices. of the oil.

Among the most traded companies of the day, the manufacturer of components for semiconductors, Lasertec, lost 8.47% at the break in the mid-session, followed by the Japanese automotive leader Toyota Motor (-5.49%) and the Softbank technology group (-5.42%).

Meanwhile, the shipping companies Nippon Yusen and Mitsui OSK Lines achieved advances of 0.92% and 2.88%, respectively.

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