A marketing consultancy conducted a survey and found that concerns about inflation and shortages dominated headlines and consumer awareness in 2022.

Hunter, a food and drink marketing consultancy, surveyed US consumers and UK residents and found that 81% found food news to be more important than ever.

Examining the top food news stories of the year, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Hunter: Food News Study asked consumers about their awareness of these stories and how these news stories changed their behavior.

The results are a direct reflection of the stress and pressures consumers faced in 2022 with supply chain and labor shortages, political conflict and inflation dominating the top five stories.

Top Ten recalled US Food News stories from 2022:

  1. Shortage of baby formula: 59%
  2. Grocery supply chain shortage: 55%
  3. Fast food leaves Russia: 48%
  4. Labor shortage in restaurants: 47%
  5. Inflation affecting food prices: 39%
  6. FDA recalls peanut butter: 31%
  7. M&M presents a new purple character: 29%
  8. Climate change affects food security: 24%
  9. Amazon offers free GrubHub for Prime members: 22%
  10. TikTok Pink Sauce: 19%

No. 1: In 2022, supply chain shortages weighed on consumers’ minds, compounded by a national recall due to contamination issues, sending new parents on a frantic search for the baby formula that they needed so much, making the “baby formula shortage” the most remembered news story.
No. 2: National “grocery supply chain shortages” ranked second, caused by an increase in consumer demand, compounded by labor shortages coupled with transportation restrictions that kept shelves empty and at frustrated consumers.
No. 3: Food and politics faced a crossroads in 2022 when fast food brands exited Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. Brands including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Danone and Unilever issued statements of support for Ukraine and ceased operations and distribution in Russia.
No. 4: Labor shortages stemming from Covid-19 continued to hurt the restaurant industry in 2022.
No. 5: The impact of inflation on food prices pulled the strings of the portfolio, and retailers, restaurateurs and consumers felt the effects of rising food prices in the US.
No. 6: The FDA recall of a popular brand of peanut butter due to potential salmonella risk.
No. 7: M&M introduced a new purple character that garnered the attention of consumers across the country.
No. 8: The impact of climate change on food security worries experts and consumers.
No. 9: For the first time, Amazon offered free GrubHub memberships for Prime members.
No. 10: TikTok’s viral pink sauce had chicken lovers clamoring for the unique seasoning.

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