More supply and lower values ​​for the farm in the Cañuelas Agricultural Market

More supply and lower values ​​for the farm in the Cañuelas Agricultural Market

With an offer of 16,080 cattle between Tuesday and Wednesday, 54.82% higher than that of the same previous segment, of 10,386 heads, sales were made in the Cañuelas Agricultural Market. Auctions unfolded with little competition among buyers, while prices in almost all categories and grades exhibited tended to decline from last week’s levels.

The General Index on Wednesday, of 232,343 pesos per kilo, reflected a decrease of 3.72% compared to the indicator of Tuesday of the previous week, of 241,331 pesos , and a drop of 2.11% compared to $237,359 on Friday 15. Regarding the average weight of the commercialized farm, it was 436.59 kilos, 1.61% higher than the previous one, of 429.66 kilos.

The steers, with 2,412 heads sold, had a 15.44% share of the total traded, of 15,623 cattle, and an average weight of 478.93 kilos, 0.13% lower than the previous one, of 479.57 kg. The different classifications of steers had the following current prices: $270/290 for the light ones; $270/285 for medium; $270/285 for the heavy ones, and $260/280 for the very heavy ones, with more than 520 kilos. The maximum price was $330 and was paid for five batches that averaged between 431 and 472 kilos.

On Wednesday, the Novillo Index closed at $269,610, 1.16% above the $266,523 of the previous Tuesday, but 2.03% below the $275,200 of Friday the 15th.

Light farms

For the sale of the small categories, 5,207 animals were sent to the Agricultural Market, equivalent to 33.33% of the total marketed. The fluctuation of the current values ​​was as follows: in steers, with 2,377 animals sold, $310/340 for light ones with 300/350 kg; $280/320 for the medium ones with 351/390 kg, and $260/290 for the heavy ones with 391/430 ​​kg, and in heifers, with 2830 heads, $300/330 for the light ones; $280/300 for the medium ones, and $260/280 for the heavy ones.

The maximum values ​​were, in steers, $360 for lightweight weighing 327 kilos, sent from Jesús María, Córdoba, by José Blas Ñañez e Hijos and marketed by Blanco Daniel y Cía. SA; $330 for medium at 357, 364 and 389 kg, and $312 for heavy at 420 kg, and $348 for heifers at 304 kg, sold by Blanco Daniel y Cía. SA and sent by Carlos René Montot from Casilda, Santa Fe; $315 for light weights of 351 kg, and $290 with 392 kilos.

With 7,264 heads, equivalent to 46.49% of the total traded, the sale of the various categories and classifications of cows was developed. The highest price in the category, $265 per kilo, was paid on Tuesday for a batch with an average weight of 442 kg shipped from General Villegas by Fortín de Gainza SA and sold by the Colombo y Magliano SA consignee.

Current prices for good cows, suitable for cutting and butchering, ranged from 205 to 210 pesos per kilo, while for regular ones they ranged from 195 to 205 pesos. In the canned and manufactured type, $180/185 was assigned for the most reddish and $170/180 for the inferior ones.

In the general balance of the first two rounds of the week that are reviewed here, the females added 10,094 heads, with a participation of 64.10% in the total sold, 50.36% above the 6713 marketed the previous week.

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