Ramón Bermejo, Market Strategist, who has performed the functions of Portfolio Manager, Proprietary Trader and Market Insight Strategy, has prepared Global Macro portfolios for Investment Strategies seeking, in this difficult economic time, securities that accompany 2 market megatrends. The energy industry and the aerospace and defense industry.

Why these two industries at this time?

Clearly because the war in Ukraine has changed all the economic paradigms that we had up to that moment, right now Europe has a big energy problem and companies in this sector are going to benefit from the high price of fuel, as well as from the energy transformation that is coming in the next years.

On the other hand, the defense and aerospace industry is going to have a great development in the coming months and years due to the increase in military and technological spending by Europe.

Ramón Bermejo has searched within Spain, Europe and the US for the stocks that seem to him to be the most attractive from a fundamental and technical point of view for these medium and long-term portfolios on the stock market. 5 companies currently make up the Spanish stock market portfolio.

The Spanish stock market portfolio has 70% invested and 30% is still in liquidity in search of opportunities offered by the market.

7 companies currently make up the US stock market portfolio

For its part, the portfolio in the US is also 70% invested and another 30% in search of new opportunities offered by the market.

And finally, the European portfolio, where we only have one stock in our portfolio. Since the European economy is going to suffer more from the energy crisis that is upon us.

90% of the liquidity will be to incorporate companies if they hit market bottom or follow their prospects.

Finally, Estrategias de Inversión has its own fund portfolio, which seeks to have a basket of funds for a balanced portfolio, which allows us to accompany growth at a global level based on the geographical and thematic areas that have long-term potential.

The portfolio consists of 8 funds and 10% in liquidity to be able to buy or increase the position in any of the selected funds.

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