• The USD 1 million prize will be awarded in native tokens on the Metis platform.
  • The hackathon is carried out with the alliance of Binance, the Universidad del Rosario and Colombia Fintech.

Until November 30, software developers with knowledge in the creation of smart contracts will be able to join the Metis Hackathon in Colombia. Participants will have the chance to win up to $ 1 million in tokens and prizes awarded by the Binance exchange.

The event seeks the development of new decentralized applications (dApps) in Ethereum and also the integration or migration of DApps to Metis Layer 2 , a second layer of the network that allows reducing gas rates for users.

The works will be evaluated according to three criteria: the problem it solves, its value proposition and its economic, social and environmental impact. Those interested who think they can take this challenge can register on the Metis website , where they can also find all the relevant information about it.

The creators of the best solutions will be awarded USD 1 million. This sum of money will be distributed among all the winners. Payment will be made through the delivery of METIS tokens. In turn, the company will offer each one recognition and support for the Ethereum ecosystem development program.

Those who prototype with P2P payment solutions supported on Binance will be able to qualify additionally for other awards. Binance, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange , is one of the sponsors of this initiative, in conjunction with two other entities. They are Juristech from the Universidad del Rosario and Colombia Fintech.

Metis wants to attract Colombian blockchain talent

Metis is a decentralized economy platform, which is dedicated to accelerating the transition of business to blockchain . Its mission is to contribute to making these organizations fair, open and, also, decentralized. Lya Glaentzlin, Metis representative, says: “We are beginning to sow in Colombia, so we want to attract local talent.”

Currently there are several university diplomas in blockchain and interest in cryptocurrencies in Colombia, as previously reported by CriptoNoticias. Institutions such as Universidad del Rosario and Colombia Fintech support the promotion of technology by virtue of the country, which is why they have decided to ally themselves with the Metis hackathon.

From the union we see the wide scope of initiatives such as Metis, which has set its eyes on the country in search of Colombian talent, and we give institutional support to projects that promote and explore technology as a tool for innovation and digital progress in inclusion financial country.

Erick Rincón Cárdenas, president of Colombia Fintech.

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