In the last two weeks of the takeover bid to acquire stock positions in Nutresa, 955 sales transactions have been accepted represented in 20,044,689 shares. The food consortium with 457 million shares located in the Colombian Stock Exchange, sees how the the Gilinski group he owns 4.38% of the company.

As is known, said group aims to get more than 50.1% to take control of Nutresa. The expectation is set until January 12, closing time of the takeover bid, for this goal to be met.

On the other hand, the company Argos, through their social networks, reported that nor will participate in the proposal because the takeover bid presented by the Gilinski group, since it considers that it does not represent the real value of the investment.

Previously, Grupo Nutresa announced that it is looking for new partners that will provide the company with further development and growth.

Through a statement revealed that their objective is “maximize value in a sustainable way for all shareholders”.

To that end, the entity ordered to start the comprehensive study of “the proposals recently announced by shareholders of the company, as well as other alternatives tending to the same end”, the foregoing with the support of its independent financial, legal and strategic advisers.

The progress of the Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) on the shares of Grupo Nutresa launched by the Gilinski family on December 10 in conjunction with the Royal Group of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is one of the most important economic moves from Colombia in 2021.

According to data from the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC), at least 861 minority shareholders expressed their intention to sell their stakes in Nutresa to said investors.

With that decision, the Gilinski family would stay “with about 7% of the maximum percentage that he aspires to buy with this operation (62.62%)”.

About the Public Offer for the Acquisition of the Gilinski by Grupo Sura

On January 4, an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting will be held in order to discuss the authorization that some members of the Nutresa board of directors need to make decisions regarding the publication of the Notice of Public Offering of Acquisition (OPA) by shares of Grupo Sura, of which 13% corresponds to Nutresa.

It should be remembered that the board of directors is made up of Gonzalo Alberto Pérez Rojas, president of Grupo Sura; Jorge Mario Velásquez Jaramillo, president of Grupo Argos; Juana Francisca Llano Cadavid, president of Suramericana de Seguros; Ricardo Jaramillo Mejía, Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Finance, Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana and four other independent members.

The issue to be debated is the authorization for some members of the board to They could have a conflict of interest in the deliberation of the publication of the OPA.

“The meeting will serve to submit for consideration the authorization required by some members of the company’s board of directors due to the existence of potential conflicts of interest to deliberate and decide on the takeover bid”.

Likewise, the board of directors appointed the president of Grupo Nutresa, Carlos Ignacio Gallego, as the only spokesperson to refer to the subject of this OPA, or to whom he delegates.

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