Powerball: the great challenges that the winner of the ,040 million dollars will have

Powerball: the great challenges that the winner of the $2,040 million dollars will have

The winner of the $2.04 billion Powerball lottery prize will be able to solve many of your current financial problems, but you can rest assured that many others will come to him for his new status as a millionaire.

In information released by Univisión, it is recalled that the winner of the draw on Tuesday, November 8, will face new challenges in which he must already be focused, since in California, the state where the winning ticket was sold, the “Manual for Winners”, anticipates some requirements that the winner will face before enjoying their millions.

The first is that must be publicly identified, as winners are not allowed to remain anonymous in California. And that is just one of the conditions to overcome.

When you show up to claim your prize, the winner’s name will be revealed, situation very different from other states, where the identity of the new millionaire is protected.

So far it is known that the winning ticket was sold at the Joe’s Service Center gas station, in the city of Altadena, in Los Angeles County, so Those who live around you will surely contact you soon.

Family, friends, colleagues and even non-profit organizations They could knock on your door to test your goodness.

On the other hand, the collection of the $2,040 million dollars is not immediateas the winner’s manual specifies that, in California, the first payments are received between 6 and 8 weeks after completing the prize claim process.

The lucky one can receive a single payment of $997 million dollars (after taxes) or they can receive a first payment of $30 million dollars and a similar amount for the next 29 years.

With this in mind the winner would not be able to use his fortune to pay the expenses arising during the coming holidays although there will be someone who is delighted to extend a credit.

Another important point is that the winner of the Powerball prize requires the services of two trusted professionals because the California Lottery recommends that new winners hire an attorney and a certified public accountant before requesting access to the money.

In case the winner has never had access to so much money, these professionals They will be in charge of helping you protect your fortune and avoid problems with both banking institutions and government agencies.. They may also help you evaluate investment proposals and other matters.

The new millionaire must think carefully about his next steps since he has less than a year left to think about what to do, because by law, a period of 365 days is offered for the person who owns the winning ticket to make his claim.

For starters, the winner might want to change the phone number or let calls go directly to a voicemail. It will also do you good to think about your new condition, because many examples have shown that big jackpots can spoil new millionaires and end up poorer than before.

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