6 tips to increase your chances of winning in the Powerball

6 tips to increase your chances of winning in the Powerball

Great fury that has caused in recent days powerball lottery game, one of the most popular in the entire United States, after several weeks of drawing no one has been able to win the grand prize that now it stands at $1.9 billion.

The amount of money accumulated in the Powerball is the largest lottery prize in the history of the United States and although thousands have the illusion of having it in their hands, the odds of getting it is 1 in 292,201,338.

There are many regular Powerball players who know the rules perfectly, but for those who are starting to try their luck, basically the game consists of choosing 5 numbers between 1 and 59 and a sixth between 1 and 35.

Strategies to play the lottery, including the Powerball, there are several. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning the grand prize draw this Monday night.

6 tips to increase your chances of winning the Powerball

1) The first strategy consists of playing with the most common Powerball numbers, that is, those that have come out more frequently in recent draws. Statistics show that in the last 7 years, the list is made up of the following digits: 61 (78 times), 32 (77 times), 21 (73 times), 63 (73 times), 69 (71 times) and 23 (70 times). All but the first of those numbers were drawn for the last time this month.

In the theme of the 6th number, the most common are 24 (44 times), 18 (42 times), 4 (36 times), 21 (34 times), 10 (33 times), and 6 (33 times).

2) Those who execute the strategy of hot and cold numbers, on the latter, 24 and 21 could be selected. Those two have not appeared since mid-August and mid-July, respectively, the data shows.

Also, among the least common that have been drawn are 26, 34, 13, 46, 4 and 24. The least common Powerball numbers are 23, 12, 15, 7, 16 and 20. Also, the data shows that the Main numbers that have not been touched for a long time are 39, 1, 57, 47, 50 and 12, while 8, 23, 17, 13, 21 and 3 are the numbers for the Powerball that have not been touched for a long time.

3) In the event that you choose numbers of significant dates, it may be time to leave it behind to have a better chance of winning the prize, since these limit the range of choosing a number only between 1 and 31, which would leave out some who have been drawn more frequently

4) Another curiosity that could help you increase the possibility of winning the maximum prize is that statistically yes there are some pairs of numbers that seem to have higher odds of winning the Powerball. According to the powerball.net site, there are 6 pairs that have appeared at least 10 times since 2015: 32/58, 8/27, 7/15, 36/61, 51/61 and 37/44. The most common consecutive pairs are 21/22, 41/42, 61/62, 62/63, 68/69, and 56/57, although the data suggests that it would be better to choose them in numerical order.

While these triplets have come out on 4 occasions: 7/15/36, 12/20/21 and 1/3/13.

Regarding this item, Lottery Universe explains that the best thing you can do is choose 2 even numbers and 3 odd numbers or vice versa. Those work nearly 33% of the time, while all odd or even numbers are only called 2.6% of the time or less, according to the lottery website.

5) Another tip is not to bet on the Powerball for a quick selection of numbers, since a Lottery expert indicated in an interview for Forbes that a different set is always generated with each quick selection, which reduces your chances in each one.

6) And last and most important, listen to your instincts. If you already have a clear idea of ​​what numbers you are going to play with, choose them, only if you try to buy a couple of tickets to distribute all the different options in different tickets.

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