Los Angeles Azules celebrate 40 years and tour the US

Los Angeles Azules celebrate 40 years and tour the US

To celebrate them, on August 26, the “40 Years USA Tour 2021/2022” tour begins in Corpus Christi, Texas, and will take them to 36 cities in the United States.

Zona Pop Citizen Free Press spoke with Elías Mejía, better known as El Doc, who gave details of how the group’s beginnings were and what it represents to complete 40 years of career.

Before being “Los Ángeles Azules”, they were “Playa Azul”

It all started as a group formed in the last year of high school, and Mrs. Martha Avante Barrón, mother of Los Ángeles Azules, was the one who encouraged them to form the group and is a great pillar for it.

“At the end of high school it was when we realized that we wanted to go down the path of music. Before we called ourselves ‘Playa Azul’, that was our beginning and we were only 4. My brother on the accordion, I on the bass , my brother Pepe on percussion and we invited a guy to play the guitar and sing,” says Doc.

“That’s when my mother told us that there were many of us in the family and that some of them earned a little money singing and that that was the way without neglecting school and we had to look for instruments to earn a little money for school, not to become famous or burn discs,” he adds.

At what point did they become a success?

Elías affirms that it was all because of a CD with one of their songs: “We had gone through a storm and we were disappearing, until a company from Monterrey arrived with our song ‘Delivery of love’ that the sonideros of Puebla played and from there it was distributed at parties throughout Mexico City on a CD,” he shares.

Ximena Sariñana, Kinky, Guaynaa, Jay de la Cueva and Américo, ready to “cumbear”

Big names have confirmed that they will be present on specific dates of this tour to perform with the band from the Mexican neighborhood Iztapalapa.

The Mexican and pop singer Ximena Sariñana will take the stage in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San José and Las Vegas.

The Puerto Rican Guaynaa will put attendees to dance in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington and New York.

Jay de la Cueva, another Mexican and great friend of the band of the Mejía Avante brothers, will be in Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Chilean singer Américo will join them in Greensboro, Duluth, Fort Myers, Washington and New York.

And finally, the Mexican rock band Kinky will take the stage in San Diego.

To see the full list of dates click here. For now, we leave you some dates of the tour:

8/26 – Corpus Christi, TX
11/9 – Los Angeles, CA
12/9 – Las Vegas, NV
11/6 – Duluth, GA
11/11 – Washington, DC
12/11 – New York, NY
11/21 – San Diego, CA

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