White Castle has a beer exclusively designed to be enjoyed with their burgers. The beer created by Evil Genius is an IPA that has 6.5% ABV which they have called It Hits Different.

White Castle has collaborated with the Evil Genius brewery to launch a beer designed exclusively to enjoy their burgers.

With a hundred years of existence, since 1921 selling small, square hamburgers, White Castle is considered “the first fast food hamburger chain in the United States”. White Castle currently owns and operates more than 350 restaurants. The chain with distinctive, flavorful Sliders now has a limited-edition beer to pair with its burgers.

Philadelphia-based brewery Evil Genius created It Hits Different, a 6.5% ABV canned IPA that has a subtle hint of tartness and slight tangerine sweetness that would be the perfect match for the flavor of the meat and onions. at White Castle Burgers.

“This beer was created with one thing in mind: to be the perfect partner for White Castle Sliders. We use exciting new Sabro hops alongside old school Centennial to celebrate over 100 years of White Castle tradition and innovation.

The resulting beer created was “a subtle bitterness from the beer’s unique hop profile offset by a pleasant, light tangerine sweetness.”

Evil Genius began distributing the beer in Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

It Hits Different beer can be found on tap at bars and restaurants and in six-packs with an MSRP of around $11.99.

Dunkin’ is another fast food chain that just launched a beer collection, a drink for beer and coffee lovers.

The chain partnered with Harpoon. New Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer Collection 12-Piece Mix Pack includes Pumpkin Spiced Ale Latte with a revamped recipe and three new flavors: Cold Brew Porter, Hazelnut Blonde Stout and Coffee Roll Cream Ale .

Harpoon Dunkin’ Box O’ Beer mix packs that include three cans of each seasonal beer flavor will be available everywhere Harpoon is sold.

Nathan’s Famous also launched its own beer. For the launch of the drink, the famous American chain of hot dog restaurants partnered with the Coney Island Brewing Company.

Nathan’s beer is not brewed or tastes like sausage. Nathan’s Famous lager “is full of bright citrus and floral aromas and has a pleasant cracker malt profile on the palate, with a floral hop flavor.”

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