Why does our hair fall out in autumn?

With these tips you will avoid hair loss in autumn

Autumn is coming soon and, just as the leaves fall off the branches of the trees, our hair also tends to fall much more than at other times of the year, but why does this happen?

Chlorine from swimming pools, saltpetre from the sea and the sun’s rays constantly hitting our hair during the summer season cause our hair to become more brittle and dehydrated. In addition to the endless hours of sunshine, there is the increase in humidity and then the decrease in natural light. This clash of elements leads to hair turnover and hair loss at the end of the summer season.

Hair loss in autumn is normal and is part of the natural process of hair renewal cycles. Hair has three phases.

  • The anagen phase is when the hair grows.
  • The catagen phase, when hair growth stops.
  • The telogen phase, when the hair begins to fall out as part of its natural process. This last phase is common in autumn and usually lasts three to four months.
  • How long does hair loss last and when should you worry?

According to experts, hair loss usually lasts about two to three months, and you should not worry about how much hair falls out, but how long this process lasts. If it lasts longer than four months, it may be due to a more serious pathology.

Tips to prevent hair loss:

It is always a good idea to clean up your hair

Summer tends to affect the ends of our hair in particular, drying them out, opening them up and dulling their shine.

That is why it is recommended to cut those damaged ends so that the hair remains in good condition, accompanied if possible by a moisturizing treatment that improves nutrition and prevents hair loss.

Take care of your diet

  • The nutrients that our body absorbs through food are essential to help the health of our hair.
  • Vitamin B helps strengthen our hair, while magnesium and iron help hair look healthy and shiny.
  • In addition, there are foods and food supplements such as brewer’s yeast that help us to keep our hair healthy.
  • Proper hydration is also essential to keep hair nourished and avoid brittle hair.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible to treat your hair

As soon as the temperatures drop we go back to the continuous use of hair dryers and hair straighteners, which is not good for our hair. We should remove most of the moisture with a towel and use the dryer for less time and avoid high temperatures.

Try to avoid stress by all means

  • One of the main enemies of our hair is stress because it affects us immunologically and favors a significant hair loss.
  • Brush your hair with natural bristle brushes
  • Natural bristle brushes help maintain hair health by increasing circulation and preventing breakage.

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