If you are one of those who enjoy fried fish at Easter, this trick will help you avoid bad smells in the kitchen.

Those who are faithful Catholics maintain the tradition of not consuming red meat during Holy Week, especially on Good Friday, when the passion and death of Jesus is remembered. Thus, fried fish becomes a must at lunchtime and although everyone enjoys it crispy and golden brown, the ‘headache’ comes from the smell left in the kitchen. That is why we at GLM share with you the homemade trick to fry fish so that it does not smell for several hours after having finished lunch.

This food is very nutritious, rich in proteins and minerals and among the most consumed in this season are sole, hake, bonito, mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna, mojarra in Mexico or cod in Spain.

Although there are many techniques to make your fried fish much more golden, such as drying it well and battering it with beaten egg and flour previously seasoned with salt or breading it, one of the biggest problems is the smell that permeates the whole house and that cannot be solved just by opening the windows wide or activating the extractor hood.

How to prevent fish from smelling when frying?

One of the homemade tricks is to soak raw fish in milk for half an hour before frying and drain it well before frying. Another way is to crush some ginger and put it on the fish. Let it rest for a few minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Now, if you don’t want to follow these tips, here are some others that you can do while you are cooking to avoid the strong smell. When you are frying, turn on the stove on the side and put a pot with water and some lemon or orange peels or a splash of vinegar and bring it to a boil to neutralize the bad smell.

To minimize the strong aroma you can also add a piece of lemon peel and a clove of broken garlic to the pan or griddle where you are going to cook the fish.

How to remove fish odor?

If you arrived late to read these homemade tricks and you have already fried for your Easter lunch and all the corners of your home smell of fish, here is the solution. Boil water with lemon juice along with the peels (it can also be orange or tangerine) and add two tablespoons of cinnamon powder.

To this you must add a proper cleaning of the kitchen and all the utensils you used. If there are remains of fish or its water, it will decompose and the smell will be even more intense. And if you have fish odor on your hand, the home trick to eliminate it is to rub it with lemon or vinegar.

What diseases does eating fish prevent?

Fish consumption is very beneficial for health. Experts assure that, due to its nutritional characteristics, it helps prevent chronic diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, overweight and diabetes, among others.

How to prevent fish fillet from sticking?

A popular trick is to spread a few drops of oil on the piece of fish. It is also recommended to add an even layer of oil to the fish before grilling or frying it on a griddle or frying pan to help it cook evenly and optimally.

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