Be careful, consuming this drink would reduce your life expectancy

Be careful, consuming this drink would reduce your life expectancy

Drinking soda every day would accelerate premature aging of the skin and reduce life expectancy

With the rise in temperature, do you dream of a cold glass of Coca-cola, 7 Up or Orangina? Beware of harmful effects for the body. Several studies suggest that regular consumption of flavored soft drinks is associated with accelerated cellular aging.

The latest was published in Current Nutrition Reports in September 2021. According to the authors, sugary drinks promote chronic inflammation, oxidative stress and imbalance of the intestinal flora. However, all these pathologies promote accelerated aging.

“The consumption of sugary drinks has harmful consequences on the health of aging people, in particular because of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer”, summarize the researchers.

A drink that acts at the cellular level

In 2014, a study published in the journal American Journal of Public Health focused on cellular aging. The 5,300 participants, aged 20 to 65, provided information on their eating habits and had to undergo a battery of tests.

Scientists have found that heavy soda drinkers have shorter telomeres. However, when the telomeres located at the end of the chromosomes shorten, cellular aging accelerates.

To quench your thirst without risk to your health, nothing beats… a glass of water. Main constituent of the human body, water is constantly eliminated through urine, breathing and especially perspiration. To renew the cells and maintain the proper functioning of the body, it is advisable to drink it throughout the day.

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