How to take care of your swimsuit

Hand wash

We are sorry to tell you that this time your car wash is not the best option. Swimsuits normally include elastic materials that, when in contact with the rough cycle of the washing machine, can break some fibers and wear them out. Not to mention that it can wrap around the handles and get ripped.

If you are in the hotel and you do not have access to a larger place where you can wash it, do not worry, do it in the shower or in the sink, do not rub it against something, just with gentle movements of your hands. Never let it dry with sea or pool water, as salt and chlorine can wear it down. When you leave the beach or pool, rinse in the shower.

Do not hang it to dry

We already talked about how your washing machine can’t help you, and your dryer even less! The heat it emits to dry them can be counterproductive as it could shrink them and yes, that would be the end of your swimsuit.

Once you have finished washing them by hand, rinse with plenty of cold water and squeeze in your hands, without rolling it, just removing all the excess water. The next step is to let it dry on a flat surface, never hang it on a hook or with tweezers, as it could ‘hang’ due to the weight of the water. If you take it off on the beach and have nowhere to rinse it, remove the excess water and place it on a towel, arriving at the hotel rinse with cold water.

Do not use detergent or fabric softener

There are few cares to keep a swimsuit in perfect condition, but also very specific. Another of the steps is that the soap to wash them must be neutral, since it is more friendly with the materials. Don’t use fabric softener either, just because it works for certain types of clothing doesn’t mean it works for all, swimsuits have a different composition.

If you do not have neutral soap on hand or you have already used fabric softener, then you must rinse very well, so that all the product is removed from the suit. We recommend using a bucket of water and making gentle movements right there to remove the product, in this way you will not waste water.

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