While luxury spa days and yoga or meditation events are great (seriously…if you can allocate the time and money, we highly recommend it), self-care doesn’t have to be an expensive, extravagant, or timely chore. The idea of self-care is often misunderstood: There is no one self-care checklist that fits all. It’s about finding things that work for you and your lifestyle, things that make you feel good, both inside and out. And, if you’re busy, you’ll be happy to know that there are perfect ways to incorporate self-care into your daily schedule without changing a thing. Because we all deserve a little extra love.

Below, we’re sharing 15 self-care tips you may never have tried that are easy to put into practice and make taking care of yourself easier than ever.

15 self-care tips to start using right now

#1 Cook more at home

Cooking at home

Ok, maybe you don’t like to cook and you think it would be much easier to grab some food on the way home from work. But cooking at home is one of those self-care tips that goes beyond the instant gratification of doing something for yourself.

Preparing food from home means adding love and attention. It requires thinking and loving what is being cooked and how it is being cooked. You may start looking for healthier ingredients and exploring foods you’ve never tried before – that’s self-care! And a healthy diet leads to a healthier lifestyle. After all, when you feel better, you will be more motivated to continue living in a way that makes you feel good, which is really the greatest act of self-care.

#2 Have a date night with yourself

Have a date night with yourself

Let go of the idea that a date night can’t mean a night alone with yourself. Put the kids to bed early and curl up with a good book or a Netflix show you’ve been dying to watch. Attend a community yoga class in the park (or roll out your mat at home). Run a bath and diffuse some calming essential oils. Whatever it is, setting aside some free time for yourself, while doing something fun, is a great way to practice self-care.

#3 Have a vacation at home

So you don’t have enough free time for a vacation, but why not try a staycation? This is a self-care tip we can all put into practice, even if you only schedule a time to stay home one day on the weekend this month.

Instead of rushing out to do ALL THE THINGS, stay home and schedule some self-care by preparing your favorite home-cooked meals, watching your favorite movies, and even catching up on your reading. Do what makes you feel good.

Trust us, you’ll feel rejuvenated, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing!

#4 Get organized

Get organized

There is nothing like the rewarding feeling of having everything organized in your home. And yes, cleaning and decluttering can reduce stress. Hello, personal care. So whether that stack of mail that’s been sitting on your dining room table has been calling your name for weeks, or you’ve been wanting to sort through the clothes that have been taking up space in your closet, this is your invitation to get organized.

Scheduling a few hours to reduce clutter will not only help you feel accomplished, but you’ll probably feel a lot less overwhelmed. We’re willing to bet it’ll even spark new motivation to continue Tackling projects that have been on your to-do list for a while.

#5 Ask yourself how you are every morning

Ask yourself how you are every morning

We often find ourselves asking everyone around us how they are, but when was the last time you looked at yourself and wondered how YOU were? Although it may sound strange, getting in touch with how you feel each morning is a self-care tip that can become the healthy habit of becoming more in tune with what you need to feel your best.

Once you begin to acknowledge how you truly feel, you can ask yourself what you need. Do you feel stressed? Can you take five minutes and do a quick meditation? Do you feel totally fatigued? Try to go to bed earlier tonight.

This self-care tip can quickly become one of the best ways to make self-care a ripple effect that you can put into practice throughout the day.

#6 Learn the power of saying no

Are you one of those who say yes? Many of us are. And while it’s okay to want to meet the needs of others, it can become downright exhausting very (like very) quickly. Learning to say no is a very powerful self-care tool.

Anytime you’re faced with a situation where you want to say no, but feel like you have to say yes, take just two minutes to think about it…trust us, that email response can wait.

The bottom line is that if it’s not a yes, it’s a no. Try to follow this rule as often as you can to start learning how the power of saying no allows you to say yes to your needs much more often.

#7 Try a cooking class

Try a cooking class

Try signing up for a cooking class, there are plenty of virtual options too! Not only is this a super fun way to socialize and get outside, but you’ll learn more about cooking from home, which you now know is another great self-care tip we could all use.

#8 Change the way you think about your goals

Change the way you think about your goals

While exercise and healthy eating are two amazing ways to practice self-care, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything has to be perfect. Start thinking about your goals differently and realize that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Celebrate small victories, because they are also important.

#9 Walking during the lunch break

On your lunch break, or whenever you have free time during the day, go for a walk. Walking is a great form of exercise, but it’s also amazing for helping us clear our minds and just get some fresh air while soaking up the sun. By the way, you only need 10 minutes a day to enjoy all the benefits of de-stressing.

Use this self-care tip daily (if possible) – it can make a big difference to your overall well-being.

#10 Stop obsessing over calories

Stop Obsessing Over Weight and Food

Instead of focusing on the exact number of calories you’re eating, start thinking about what you’re eating. The what matters as much as the how much. Oh, and eating whole, nutrient-dense foods is a great way to practice self-care. Plus, it’s more sustainable in the long run and promotes a healthier state of mind. So try to eat one meal a day full of healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Once you have one meal, move on to the next. There is no better way to prove yourself than eating clean.

#11 Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Watch The Sunrise And Sunset

And leave your phone at home – no need for Insta to capture the views! Simply spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and improve your mental and physical health. Use this time to focus on your breath and be present with your body. Maybe you even keep a journal or practice mindful meditation or affirmations.

#12 Edit Your Social Media Following

Edit Your Social Media Following

Speaking of Instagram and social media, consider doing a social media detox. As opposed to the kind of detox that involves stepping away from your phone (although that’s pretty cool, too), we’re talking about taking a deep dive into who you’re following on social media and saying goodbye to anyone who no longer serves you. Nor is it about being petty or judging. It’s about your well-being. If any person or account makes you feel insecure, less than, or anything other than your best self, it’s time to part ways.

#13 Treat Yourself to Something Special

treat yourself to something special

Maybe you treat yourself to that new skincare product or that infrared sauna session at your local spa. It can even be something as simple as your favorite latte. You also don’t need a reason to.

#14 Make a Vision Board

create a vision board

This is an opportunity to channel your inner creativity as you turn inward and reflect on your goals and aspirations. Looking for images can help you to be clear about what you really want to manifest: it provides you with a tangible object, which can help you achieve your goals. It could be the motivational boost you were missing. It also serves as a daily reminder of everything you hope to achieve and achieve. Daily encouragement + increased positivity = self-care.

#15 Soak In Some Silence

Soak Up Some Much-Deserved Silence

Whether you live alone or have a house with rowdy teenagers, how often do you really sit with yourself and do nothing? And scrolling through social media doesn’t count. We talk about stilling the mind and being present with the body. Sitting quietly can lower blood pressure, reduce cortisol, support cognitive health, and benefit sleep. You can do it in your car, on a walk, or in the quiet hours of the morning, before the rest of the world wakes up. It’s free and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Self-care is not selfish: it is the key to help you become your best self

There you have it. Fifteen self-care tips you may never have thought of. Use them to take your health and happiness to the next level, because with daily self-care, you may find that you feel better than ever.

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