Yandel and Young Miko take us to a clandestine party at ‘Cuando Te Toca’

Yandel and Young Miko take us to a clandestine party at ‘Cuando Te Toca’

yandel he started 2023 in style with the release of his new studio album Endurance. An album made up of 17 songs with which he shows that, in addition to being one of the references of the genre, he is ready to give a chance to the new voices that are coming.

At Resistencia we listen to songs by established artists such as Farina, Arcángel and Baby Rasta & Gringo, among others. But there is also room for new generations led by voices like Tiago PZK and Young Miko.

With the latter, he broached the subject when it’s your turn in the purest reggaeton style. Now, three months after its release, it was so well received that they wanted to release its music video.

In some darkly colored scenes, Yandel and Young Miko take us on what feels like a clandestine party, from which they give everything to the rhythm of the song. They surround themselves with other young people who enter the dance and let themselves be carried away by the sounds of this collaboration.

In just a few hours, he reached the half a million views which, considering that the song has already been released a few months ago, is a figure that does not go unnoticed.

Who is young Miko?

Many people fall in love with the talent of this promise from the urban music scene. He was born in Puerto Rico in 1997 and began his music career in 2018, although it wasn’t until 2021 that he officially premiered after launching 105 freestyle. A year later, he released his EP kitty trap.

The young Miko refers to one of her greatest passions: anime. Additionally, she won the affection of artists of the stature of Bad Bunny and Karol G, who took her to the stages of their respective concerts.

Yandel also did not resist his talent. What do you think when it’s your turn?

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