Today, if you are an Xbox gamer and have an active Game Pass subscription, chances are that right now you are enjoy the red fall, the new IP from Arkane Studios. But let me let you know that This will not be the only title you will have in this month of May which has just started. Pay attention, because they announced a catalog extension for the next few days.

Games Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass

currently only 4 games have been announced that will arrive during the first fortnight of this month of May. Soon and as you well know, Xbox will add more. Now we will focus on the closer ones, as they are quite interesting.


This game has its particular appeal in the idea it offers us, which is that of travel to a mystical world through our own imagination. We will enter a land ruled by a malevolent queen and full of great dangers. In addition to having in our possession a sword to face them all, we will also have spells to defeat the bosses present in the adventure.

  • Will be available since its launch on May 4.
  • It can be played in console, on pc and in the cloud.

Weird West: Definitive Edition

In this action RPG we will immerse ourselves in a fantastic Wild West where gunmen and lawmen will share the frontier with creatures never seen before. Will you be able to become a legend on your own or will you do it with your own gang? The truth is, there’s nothing that looks bad about this game.

  • Available from May 8th.
  • It can be played in Xbox Series X|S.

Shadowrun Trilogy

This is fantasy games and triple play. In Shadowrun we will have nothing more and nothing less than three cult tactical RPG games, developed in a dystopian world where the magic is more present than ever. And with it, the return of whimsical creatures. If you want to have fun for a while, I wouldn’t miss this trilogy.

  • Currently it’s available on console and in the cloud, but the May 9 on PC.

FUGA: Melodies of Steel 2

If you are a fan of turn-based RPGs, you should not hesitate to get FUGA: Melodies of Steel 2. Take advantage of an improved combat system to take advantage of the best strategies and thus complete a new system of events that will give you a unique experience.

  • Available from next May 11.
  • It can be played in console, pc and in the cloud.

These are the main novelties in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass They will arrive in the next few days. As soon as the others are announced, I’ll let you know, in the meantime, it’s time to take advantage of what’s to come, which is not little, precisely.

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