while i was playing red fall to bring you game analysisI constantly thought this: it’s not possible…there must be something else that I don’t see. Imagine the look on my face as the credits rolled after watching the game’s final cutscene to find that indeed, there was nothing more than what he saw.

red fall this launch was disappointing; a stab in the heart that I did not expect. So much so that I have a clear answer to those of you who think the following: But, Ramón, if you didn’t like it so much…Why did you give it a 7.4 in the analysis? Also; My disappointment stems precisely from that. I don’t want Arkane to release a 7s game when all of his previous games are 10s, I want the studio to blow me away with another masterpiece. But before we continue, let’s step back and see why Arkane’s game was such a disappointing outing.

Redfall hardly convinces anyone

  • The average score of the PC version on Metacritic is 62
  • The average Xbox Series X/S release rating on Metacritic is 64
  • The game failed with less than 5 in up to 9 different media
  • Currently has Mostly negative reviews on Steam

Will these be the new releases on Xbox Game Pass?

I’ve religiously paid for Xbox Game Pass on PC since the service launched on PCs in its beta and believe me when I say I don’t regret for a second putting money into it every month. But there is something that I can’t help but think of some of the Xbox exclusive games coming to the service; a feeling shared between what I would like to feel with him and what I really feel:

  • I don’t wanna have to say ”Try it, you don’t lose anything by doing it because it’s in the Game Pass” when recommending a new Xbox exclusive
  • What I want to think is ”What a joy to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber to be able to smash this great game”

I didn’t even feel that with Hi-Fi Rush; It’s a game that blew a lot of you away, but my attitude with it was to try it and leave it parked until a point where I had nothing left to play so I could focus on it. I have to prioritize Game Pass when thinking about how to spend my free time; that I set aside other titles for those in the service and unfortunately Redfall failed to install as the reason for this.

Arkane stabbed me in the heart

The reason for this article is that I’m pretty pissed off at Arkane. I played all their games from Dark Messiah to Redfall and each of them ended up blowing my mind for one reason or another:

  • dark messiah Sounds crazy to me at a playable level for the year it was released
  • Dishonored It’s one of my favorite games
  • Prey It has an amazing setting
  • Dishonored 2 It contains some of the most scary levels and scenarios in video games
  • Death Loop I think it’s a quirky smoke… and I love it
  • Redfall is a game I wouldn’t even have played if Arkane hadn’t played it

Except for the setting, Redfall is a pretty bare bones open-world game. compared to other games from the studio; there are not as many possibilities to complete a mission or as many options to access a site as in Dishonored, Deathloop or Prey.

Conclusion: We don’t deserve Redfall

I understand that I am very demanding with Arkane, but that’s because the study has spoiled me to levels of quality that almost no other company is able to achieve today. And I realize I could have a lot of shit to criticize the game like that, but as a fan of the studio, it would seem reckless to shut up and pretend like nothing happened.

To accept Redfall as a valid game because it’s on Game Pass and not because of what it offers itself would be an insult to Arkane. We deserve a new masterpiece from the studio. We deserve much more; we don’t deserve Redfall.

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