Xavi Hernandez appeared before the media at the press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match against athletic club. The coach of the FCBarcelona was questioned about the Complaint filed by the Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office against the club for corruption between individuals, unjust administration there mockumentary.

Egarense coach claims team stays out of case, leaving it in president’s hands John Laporta: “It’s a subject that occupies and worries the prez more. He says that we calm down and that we work and that’s where I am. We didn’t talk about it in the locker room and that’s which is fine with me,” he said.

Xavi’s main objective in relation to this controversy is that it does not affect the team’s performance during the visit to San Mamés, which the coach rules out: “I don’t think it will harm us. It’s a football game that we are very focused on what he does in defense, in attack… Nothing more. At no time will the game opt for what happens in the stands”.

Xavi was also asked if the real Madrid research destabilize at Barça with his announcement in which he announces the convening of an extraordinary meeting to deal with the “Negreira case”. “I have enough to manage my team and my players. This will not destabilize us. In any case, they will destabilize us. Vinicius, modric oh Courteous, not what happens off the pitch. We are very focused and focused on football,” he replied.

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