Founded in Los Angeles, Lucha Vavoom celebrates 20 years of fun for millions around the world, and this year is no exception, as they’re ready to celebrate their annual Cinco de Mayan event.

The event, by tradition, will take place at the Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles on May 4-5.

Attendees will be able to enjoy world famous wrestlers, acrobatic acts, burlesque, comedy and more.

It’s definitely a show where participants have to warm up their throats to shout the word VaVoom all night long. And even if you have a chair, it’s nearly impossible to stay seated, because the wrestlers come in with so much energy and action that you better be ready to move in case one of them flies away. from the ring.

The event, considered an almost circus function in which sex, violence and humor are combined, is unique and memorable, and yes, it is restricted to people over 21. For more information on tickets Click here.

This year, select performances feature a slew of female fighters, including new AEW Superstar and four-time AAA Champion Reina de Reinas, Taya Valkyrie, Dama Fina, Lady Pink and Tijuana-based Amazona. Also in attendance will be Mexican wrestler Rey Horus, Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo, El Bombero, as well as Los Crazy Chickens favorites Li’l Cholo, Chocolatay Caliente and Dirty Sánchez.

Below we show you some of the action happening at Lucha Vavoom.

Vavoom fight. Photo by credit Hon Hoang.
Crazy Chicken credit David Chi 2 1

Crazy Chickens fighters. Photo by David Chi.
Dirty Sanchez credit Timothy Norris

Dirty wrestler Sanchez. Photo by Timothy Norris.
Emma Vauxdevil 1

Emma Vauxdevil, fire eater, sword swallower, tattooed burlesque queen. Photo by Timothy Norris.
Rey Horus

The fighting king Horus.
LVV Valentines 2020 credit Ariadna de Alba 31

Vavoom fights at the 2020 Valentine’s Day event. Photo by Ariadna de Alba.

Great Fighter. Photo by Jennifer McCarthy.
Crazy Chickens credit David Chi

Crazy Chickens fighters. Photo by David Chi.

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