The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, criticized this Sunday the United States ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley, for having said that the ruling party and the opposition should form a coalition before the 2023 elections and recommended that “it may be more convenient” that instead of giving an opinion on Argentine politics, he does so on his country.

This is how he expressed himself when sharing on his Twitter account with a video in which the North American president, Joe Biden, criticizes the Republican Party for hindering the projects promoted by the Democrats in the Parliament of that country.

Before Biden’s statements about the political division in the United States, Kicillof ironically: “I wonder what recommendation he has (Marc Stanley) for the political parties of his country after listening to his president.”

“Perhaps it is more convenient than giving an opinion on Argentine politics,” he added, in clear reference to Stanley’s recent remarks at the Council of the Americas, where he had suggested that a coalition between the ruling party and the opposition should be held in Argentina before the elections. 2023 elections.

The United States ambassador in Buenos Aires called last Thursday for Argentine politics “to work on agreements from now on and not wait for the 2023 elections” to develop three strategic sectors for the world: oil and gas, food and mineral resources. “Today is the day,” stressed the diplomat. “My suggestion, as someone who loves Argentina and sees its potential, is that they have to work on the agreements now, don’t wait 16 months. They have the input and the world has the demand. This is the time to do it,” he insisted.

Stanley had a conversation with the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello, in the framework of the nineteenth edition of the annual conference of the Americas Society/Council of Americas, organized together with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services, and which brought together to executives of US firms, diplomats, governors and national officials to speak on the country’s economic and political prospects at the Alvear Palace hotel.

For his part, Biden recently said, “Let’s be clear: At this historic moment, Democrats sided with the American people and every Republican in Congress sided with special interests.”

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