Who is Andrea Guasch?  Everything about the ‘Chanel’ in your face looks familiar

Who is Andrea Guasch? Everything about the ‘Chanel’ in your face looks familiar

It is not easy to imitate Chanel, mainly because its magnetic combination of dance and voice is accessible to very few artists. However, Andrea Guasch will surprise this next Friday, March 24, at the first gala of Tu cara me suena, because it will be her who will have to go on stage and interpret Slow motion as it was designed for Eurovision 2022. Now well, Do you know who Andrea Guasch is?

Andrea Guasch: who is this actress and singer

We can say that Andrea Guasch She’s a real Disney girl thanks to her participation in the mythical Class Change. In this series of disney channel cheek valentina, one of the sitcom’s most beloved characters. Let’s be honest, the show was inherently bad, but Andrea Guasch He has won all our love.

Beyond this work, Andrea He also performed the Spanish version of the song by the Wizards of Waverly Place and even made an appearance in the German version of Class change. And the most surreal moment for the Spaniard coincided with Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale there Selena Gomez In disney olympics. Do you know she’s still friends with these boys and others disney like her?

Now, now, try your luck in Flamingo Hotel, his own musical group. It came to her after she started a relationship with Rosco, her current husband. But before this episode, she made headlines for being the girlfriend of Alex Lequioson of Ana Obregon there Alessandro Lequiodied in 2020 of severe leukemia.

It’s not Chanel, it’s Andrea Guasch

In short, and according to his first performance in Your face looks familiar to me (quickly leaking on the networks), maybe Andrea Guasch to be a real candidate for victory.

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