WHO convenes expert panel on monkeypox

WHO convenes expert panel on monkeypox

The World Health Organization (WHO) is convening a meeting of experts to determine whether the monkeypox outbreak that has mysteriously spread out of Africa should be considered a global health emergency.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyyesus said

He said on Tuesday that he decided to convene the emergency panel on June 23 because the virus has shown “unusual” behavior in spreading to countries outside of Africa where it is endemic.

“We think it also needs a coordinated response due to geographic spread,” he told reporters.

Monkeypox is international health emergency

Declaring monkeypox an international health emergency would give it the same designation as COVID-19 and mean the WHO considers the normally rare disease a threat to countries around the globe.

On Monday, Britain said it had 470 monkeypox cases across the country, the vast majority of them gay or bisexual men. Last week, British scientists said they could not determine whether the spread of the disease in the country had reached its peak.

The WHO independent expert meeting could also help improve understanding and understanding of the virus, Tedros said, as the organization released new monkeypox vaccination guidelines.

The health agency does not recommend mass vaccinations, but the “sensible” use of vaccines. He expressed that the control of the disease depends mainly on measures such as surveillance, case tracking and patient isolation.

Last month, a WHO adviser said the outbreak in Europe and elsewhere was almost certainly sparked by sexual activity at recent raves in Spain and Belgium.

Avoid sexual orientation

Scientists warn that anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, is vulnerable to contracting monkeypox if they come into direct contact with an infected person or their clothing or sheets.

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