Where is Monday March 20 for Father’s Day a public holiday?

Where is Monday March 20 for Father’s Day a public holiday?

He Fathers Dayalso known as Saint Joseph, is one of the days marked in red for all those children who want to honor their father, tell him how much we love them and above all, thank him for his time and dedication every day of our lives. .

In Spain, although the date is linked to the feast of San José, this day also has a very close origin and is linked to schools. And it is that Its creator was the Madrid teacher Manuela Vicente Ferreroa woman who in 1948 decided to celebrate this day with her students giving rise to Father’s Day.

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Concretely, this very special day where the objective is to give importance to our father figures as our mothers are to their day, is celebrated This Sunday, March 19. But again, a public holiday like March 19 falls on a Sunday and some Autonomous Communities have decided to move it to Monday, thus providing a three-day bridge for those who do not work on weekends.

Where is there a bridge?

Just as before the closure of 2022 we brought you the annual holiday calendar, now we clarify which autonomous communities have this holiday to enjoy and get away from it all, rest or simply enjoy the good weather.

However, to the chagrin of all those who do not live in the capital, this day He will only go to Monday in the Community of Madrid. Thus, the rest of the communities will leave it to be celebrated on Sunday.

In this way, the people of Madrid will not have a day off until April 6 (Holy Thursday) and its corresponding day after, April 7 (Good Friday).

Other countries where Father’s Day is celebrated

However, this day is not celebrated only in Spain, this celebration has been transferred to other countries such as Morocco, Bolivia, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Mozambique or Liechtenstein, countries in which the feast is linked to the Catholic tradition.

However, in countries like the United States, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Paraguay and Puerto Rico, the day dedicated to this celebration does not come until the third Sunday of June, c i.e. this date comes in 2023 on the 18th day of that month.

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