Spanish television is not at its best. La 1’s audience has been amazing for a long time. Still, there is content on its schedule that stands out from the rest of the programs and, above all, it is starting to stand out from the formats of other channels. We are talking about The promisethe daily series which mobilizes more than one million viewers in the public every afternoon.

Three weeks ago, period fiction premiered on La 1 and since then it has been on a rather encouraging upward trend. On traditional television, the one of a lifetime, it is very difficult to retain audiences with new content, especially with a daily series that has so many episodes in front of it. But The promiseagainst all odds, has not only managed to withstand the long love is foreverotherwise what It has become one of the chain’s most watched spaces.

The good work of The promise has been seen since its premiere, but the most important thing is that the series, produced by Bambú Producciones (flour, great hotel, Velvet), is unstoppable and keeps breaking his own record every afternoon. This Tuesday’s chapter, without going any further, made the most of the season after 1,100,000 viewers (12.4% audience share) did not miss a single minute of what happened in this story full of intrigue and fear.

Additionally, as TVE stated in a press release, that same episode of The promiseadding deferred consumption (more than 150,000 viewers), was followed by 1,253,000 (13.6%) total viewers. A fact that, without a doubt, changes everything.

The success of “The Promise”

This new record of The promise proposes a modification of the afternoon schedule. And it is that, as the daily audience behaves, everything seems to indicate that it will continue to add subscribers in the coming weeks, increasing as a clear threat to competitionespecially for love is forever on Antenna 3.

Although it has not yet been pronounced, it is more than clear that Televisión Española will hang on The promise like a burning fingernail. The renewal of the series for several seasons is more than assured, good news for this chain which so badly needed a successful product on an increasingly decaffeinated grill.

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