What does the astrological climate of the midterm elections in the US portend?

What does the astrological climate of the midterm elections in the US portend?

The astrological climate that frames the midterm elections on November 8 could not be more chaotic. Voting will take place during the Scorpio season a reserved sign whose energy is not characterized by being the friendliest, and with a total lunar eclipse in tow, so it is expected that momentous changes will occur based on the decisions of the electorate.

When the eclipses are total the energies intensify, which for astrologers it is a sign that a violent transformation is taking place in the cosmos not the sense of riots and civil wars, rather, a jolt of the collective conscience.

This was explained by the specialized site Astrodynamics.net in a review written by astrologer Lynn Hayes. In her predictions for the midterm elections, she stressed that the results are expected to be “unpredictable” due to the influence that Uranus exerts at the moment. This planet is the one of rebellion and sudden changes, so its spirit is capricious.

What is certain is that it will be one of the most important elections in the country as it lays the foundations for the near future. The Lunar Nodes (responsible for destiny) will be in a critical position due to the influence of the eclipse and Uranus, which means that old patterns will be broken and there will be progress.

Mars, retrograde in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, will be square to Jupiter and Neptune, both stars passing over Pisces, which indicates that our thoughts will not be clear.

However, the aspect that most attracts the attention of astrologers is that the United States is experiencing its return from Pluto, a movement that occurs when a planet has completed its full cycle in the zodiac and returns to the same position where it was at birth. In this case, from our country.

Pluto’s cycles are characterized by being devastating and unbalancing; it is the opportunity we have to evolve and correct the crisis. In that sense, it is predicted that the voice of the people will be heard more than that represented by political actors who will possibly face great challenges during the election.

The conclusion, based on the astral panorama, is that the intermediate elections will not be like the previous ones; there will be greater participation and people will exercise their power more.

Melissa Galbraith
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