Weekly preview of ‘La Promesa’ on TVE’s La 1 with Lope exposed

Weekly preview of ‘La Promesa’ on TVE’s La 1 with Lope exposed

The final chapters of The Promise have left audiences wanting more and it’s not for less. After several weeks on shift, many of them are already beginning to get to know the lights and shadows of the characters in The promise and they expect whatever may happen to them.

If you’re one of them and can’t wait to see every afternoon of Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m. the broadcast of the chapter, in LOS40 we offer you a small preview of what will happen in this fiction set in the La Promesa farm.

Advance of the chapters of Monday, February 20

La Promesa gets off to a strong start with the broadcast of two consecutive chapters that will not leave the public indifferent. The first episode is centered on Petra’s secret, from whom Father Camilo asks for maximum discretion so as not to betray Lope, who is in the kitchens. Another of the intrigues that will be very present will be the story between Leonor and Mauro, who is once put on the ropes before the appearance of the eldest son of the dukes, Juan Luis. Jana, for her part, continues to search for the copy of Don Quixote Curro, although she has Pía’s help.

The father talks to Petra. / RTVE/ Bamboo Productions

The second chapter of Monday February 20 begins with Teresa’s grief because she cannot forget her relationship with Mauro. Jana finally gets what she wants: Curro’s book, although she is oblivious to it all, she continues to search for the same item.

chapter overview The promise tuesday 21 february

Petra shows her disagreement with the incorporation of Lope in the kitchens and the deception they make to the canopies. Rómulo asks her to please keep it a secret, but she ends up confessing the truth to Father Camilo. In turn, Rómulo intervenes in the flirtation between Leonor and Mauro and invites the latter to cut off all relations with the young woman.

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Distribution of “The Promise”. / RTVE/ Bamboo Productions

chapter overview The promise Wednesday February 22

Pía becomes concerned when Petra warns her to tell the Marquises the truth about Lope’s presence in the kitchens. Jimena tries to seduce Manuel and for this she organizes a plan for the campaign, but the boy rejects it. Rómulo considers that the idea of ​​having dinner with the Belmontes has not given the expected objectives, but in a fit of sincerity he admits to Leonor that the love they have for each other is impossible.

chapter overview The promise Thursday February 23

Catalina tries at all costs to prevent Petra from telling the Marquise that there is a man working in the kitchen. Jimena continues to do her thing to get closer to Manuel and begs him to accept her help in maintaining the plane. Manuel is pressured by his parents to ask for Jimena’s hand, but he decides to try one more time with Jana.

chapter overview The promise Friday, February 25

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Moment of tension in the fiction of ‘The Promise’. / RTVE/ Bamboo Productions

Jana accepts Manuel’s proposal, but they are aware that it will be their last flight together, which brings them to tears. Back on land, he comforts her with such bad luck that Jimena catches them and feels offended. Mauro discovers that Teresa is wearing a perfume she has never worn before and investigates discovering that there is a Baron who gave it to her. Petra makes the official presentation of Don Camilo to the rest of the family members.

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