Viviana Gray. Undisputed leader in digital opinion, but with two dilemmas to solve

Viviana Gray. Undisputed leader in digital opinion, but with two dilemmas to solve

The data tells us that Viviana Canosa, with #VivianaConVos, is undoubtedly the undisputed leader in digital opinion. However, she has two dilemmas to analyze that bring her positive digital reputation down.

When Viviana Canosa returned to A24 with #VivianaConVos, twitter exploded and we analyzed it in detail with the team. At the best moment of her program and with positive image measurements that project her beyond the TV:

and using only the collection of mentions in digital media of the keywords and hashtags “viviana canosa”; “@vivianacanosaok”; “#VivianaConVos”, more posts and comments from unofficial Facebook pages. I digitally analyzed his image and the digital weight of his political cycle on cable TV to find interesting findings in favor and some variables against.

I also compared the hashtag #VivianaConVos with those that correlate the most in its field, crossing the information with the mentions collected.

In the historical correlation of hashtags we see that when Intratables was on the air, it dominated the television political debate on Air and Cable of the two channels of America, followed by Alejandro Fantino when it was in the afternoon and on intractable .

Viviana Gray. digital leader
Viviana Gray. digital leader

Viviana Gray. digital leader

However, when comparing it with hashtags from different media outlets where there is a political conversation, there is no doubt that Viviana Canosa is the digital leader in the segment.

One of lime and one of sand for Canosa

In recent days, the digital image of the host of #VivianaConVos. that always dragged a positive image balance, began to fall in the same way that most political and public figures have been falling. Product of the general weariness of the people?

Although Carlos Campolongo always provided negative mentions for Viviana Canosa’s program for her classic Peronist thought in a program for a digital audience that was clearly anti-K but also anti-Peronist. The crossing with Florencia Arietto unleashed the negativity index on the 30th.

Milei and her statements, induced or explicit, do not help Canosa either

The Liberal Candidate Javier Milei is also not collaborating with the digital image of the host and journalist. Many media give it with low image surveys.

The remarkable discovery is that this downward trend is also registered within the analyzed keywords. With peaks of negativity on the 22nd, the day he was with Dipy, who also began to raise his negative image after the failed act with Javier Milei in El Provenir.

In addition to the minor peak of the 30th, in which Viviana Canosa defended Milei’s position with Ernesto Tenembaum . Peak that can also be seen in digital monitoring of the Dipy.

About Carlos Campolongo and Julio Barbaro

On a personal note, I have to say that both Carlos Campolongo and Julio Bárbaro seem to me to be two extremely valuable people in the analysis of current national affairs. Beyond not coinciding ideologically, for me his knowledge and experience of recent Argentine history is unquestionable. However, this is something that Viviana Canosa’s audience does not seem to appreciate and without a doubt, along with Milei’s latest statements, Induced or not, a warning sign for the driver.

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