US urges Mexico to accept more migrants

US urges Mexico to accept more migrants

Mexican officials told Texas Public Radio that the administration of President Joe Biden is urging Mexico to accept migrants from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Haiti who are expelled under Title 42.

The public health order introduced by the Trump Administration authorizes the immediate expulsion to Mexico of people who cross the border illegally, except for migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Under Title 42, the Mexican government agreed to accept its own citizens, those from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Migrants from most other countries, whose removals would be accomplished by air at some cost, generally avoid Title 42 asylum removal and, as a result, are able to apply, often involving release to the United States pending immigration hearings.

Reuters reported on September 14 that the Biden Administration is “discreetly pressuring” Mexico to allow border authorities to extend their expulsions under the health rule.

According to Texas Public Radio, officials said a new show will be introduced this week.

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