Washington, Sep 14 – The Supreme Court of the United States decided this Wednesday not to get involved in the complaint of an LGBTQ student group that was not recognized by a Jewish university in New York, thus leaving in effect the sentence of a lower court that he had decided to force the university to accept him.

By 5 votes against (those of the progressives and that of the president of the Supreme Court, John Roberts) and 4 in favor (those of the conservatives), the Court dismissed the appeal filed before it, considering that the case still had to go through intermediate levels before reaching the Supreme.

That the highest court in the country dismisses studying the case implies that a ruling issued by a lower court in New York that forces the Yeshiva university to recognize the group remains in effect, even if this goes against its interpretation of the Torah.

Recognizing the LGBTQ group implies that the educational center must provide them, like the rest of the student organizations, a physical class, space to publish their newsletters and a booth at the university fair.

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