US deploys more than 1,200 border agents amid increasing illegal crossings

US deploys more than 1,200 border agents amid increasing illegal crossings

President Joe Biden reinforced the southern border of the United States with the deployment of more than 1,200 agents from Customs and Border Protection in the face of the increase in illegal crossings.
Fox News reported that the most monitored area will be the Rio Grande Valley sector, in Texas, where the movement of large groups of migrants trying to enter the American union has been detected.

Last week, the Border Patrol managed to intercept more than 100 illegal immigrants in this area of different nationalities, including some Cubans.

Migration authorities declared NBC News that in addition to the deployment, tents will also be installed in Eagle Pass, Texas, to house migrants detained in this state.

The Democratic government also decided to reopen a facility created during the previous administration in Carrizo Springs, to keep at least 700 unaccompanied migrant minors there.

A source from the Department of Homeland Security assured that the current government fears that a migration crisis will explode due to the lack of adequate facilities for detained migrants, the increase in unaccompanied children and possible outbreaks of Covid-19.

A report from The Wall Street Journal notes that during the month of January the Border Patrol detected more than 78,000 illegal crossings, a figure higher than the 74,000 that occurred in December and 72,000 registered in November.

The immigration measures implemented by the current US government awaken in migrants the hope of obtaining asylum to be able to live in the North American nation far from the difficulties that exist in their countries of origin.

From his first day as president, Biden began to sign executive orders to reverse Donald Trump’s immigration policy, including the suspension of the Migrant Protection Protocol (PPM) and a halt to the construction of the border wall.

In addition, for a few days, migrants have been entering the United States who under said protocol were returned to Mexico to await a response to their asylum application.

The government will allow 25,000 of the 70,000 undocumented immigrants in this situation to remain in the US while a decision is made on the aforementioned procedure, which for many is delayed due to the pandemic.

Among them are 10,000 Cubans stranded in different border cities of Mexican territory.

It has also been reiterated that this does not mean an opening of borders and that any migrant detained for entering without papers will be deported without the right to present an asylum request.

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