US Congress Accuses PlayStation Of Deliberately Trying To Keep Xbox Out Of Japanese Market

US Congress Accuses PlayStation Of Deliberately Trying To Keep Xbox Out Of Japanese Market

Members of Congress say Sony engaged in ‘gross anti-competitive conduct’ by making deals with Japanese studios designed to stop Xbox from having these games

After many hurdles by the UK regulator, it finally looks like the agreement between Microsoft there ActivisionBlizzard will be done giving Xbox the ability to exclusively create many important franchises such as Call of Duty. Give this to PlayStation He didn’t like it in the slightest and constantly protested that it was going to happen. In fact, you just need to see messages like the one below:

The fact is that Xbox has always said it won’t make Call of Duty an exclusive saga, at least in the next 10 years where they even want the games to come out on Switch. In any case, it seems clear that PlayStation thinks that Xbox is not supporting healthy competition with this purchase, but for now it seems that they accuse sony, specifically, anti-competitive behavior.

PlayStation attempts to lock Xbox out of Japan

All of this information has been collected and shared by other students. VGC, and of which I leave you the coordinates below:

  • Turns out, according to a report, Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell claimed that sony had an anti-competitive attitude
  • This assertion was supported by various members of the United States Congress
  • Basically, these accusations point out that PlayStation has and is entering into exclusivity agreements with third-party publishers which are entirely designed on purpose to leave the Xbox aside
  • And the goal would be that the Xbox is excluded from the Japanese market
  • The senator’s claim indicates that the Japanese government is not doing anything and that is why American society is clearly at a disadvantage in this country
  • According to a report by Axios, this assertion by the US Congress could have been influenced by the Microsoft, who, according to their sources, discussed this issue with Congress

What do you think about this? As of now, it’s not something that’s been proven, so for now it’s all just an accusation. What do you think?

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